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Man smashes glass door of shelter and throws cat inside — 3 Comments

  1. Per the AVMA euthanasia is an acceptable treatment.
    This case needs to be investigated. Sadly Micheal I have known way too many actual kind loving pet guardians that could not fulfill their final obligation to their pet.
    This could be a lack of funds case although he could have surrendered the cat outside and left without bashing in the glass.
    A police followup is called for at his home in case of spousal, child or other cases of animal abuse within his home.
    Mental illness is not always a get out of jail free card it is the ability to distinguish right from wrong that plays a large part. It’s obvious the man knew his cat was ill and he wanted to dispose of it.
    Why did the workers think he was mentally ill in the first place and close the door ?

    It’s common to toss cats. From cars, windows and into shelters. There are a plethora of cases showing violent surrenders.


    He should be charged for animal cruelty for tossing the cat in the box and property damage.

    • …”could not fulfill their final obligation to their pet…”

      ME, do you mean euthanise their cat when appropriate?

      • Yes I do. To dump a house pet who is need of help and leaving them at the mercy of any system is deplorable. A merciful passing when necessary should be supervised by the guardians. Trust no one.

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