Man Stole, Sacrificed and Ate Church Cat. Pray For Him

He actually stole several cats one of which was from a local church. You can see this in the photo. He is the first person in Columbia to be jailed for animal abuse. This tells us a bit about (a) the gravity and depravity of his crimes and (b) the lack of commitment to animal welfare.

Man stole sacrificed and ate church cat
Man stole, sacrificed and ate church cat
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This crime took place in Amaga, Antioquia, Columbia. The man is David Acosta, 31. He confessed his crimes soon after he was arrested. He was convicted and his punishment was a six-month prison sentence. Not enough most people would say.

Neighbors called the police after noticing foul smells from his home.

The police found cat body parts at his home. Some were recognisable as those of the missing cats.

“The cats were sacrificed and eaten in the house of the arrested man.”

This took place in 2016.

The story reminds us of (a) the vulnerability of the domestic cat and (b) the depravity to which humankind can descend on occasions.

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2 thoughts on “Man Stole, Sacrificed and Ate Church Cat. Pray For Him”

  1. Even if I were a praying type person, I wouldn’t give this thing any consideration at all. This thought alone is already more than people like this deserve, and they only deserve to be nonexistent. Whatever society does or doesn’t do to create this kind of monster should also be abated.

  2. Absolutely sickening. I wonder if David Acosta is still doing the same thing, only elsewhere after a meager six month sentence. I pray for all cats in these situations. :'(


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