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Man Telephoned PetSmart Looking to Adopt A Cat to Feed His Python — 7 Comments

  1. What amazes me is that the Petsmart employee who took the call didn’t automatically dial *69 after hanging up on this weirdo. That would’ve given them the entire phone number of the previous caller. I suppose he/she was so disturbed that it didn’t occur to them at the time. Then again, perhaps the phone company doesn’t offer that service in the south. Just despicable.

    • Nice thought Gail. It can be difficult to think to do things under these circumstances. I have experienced situations where in retrospect I felt I made poor decisions.

  2. Sounds like the psycho was getting off on upsetting the employee. I do not think I would have just pretended it was perfectly normal, been polite, and kept listening, apparently if the employee was so disturbed as to not sleep he or she did just that. I would at the very least threatened him with a call to the police, and he better never call back. He would be lucky if I did not rip him a new one in the process.

    • We hope so, Susan. He’s arrogant enough to make mistakes. The problem is: will the police be interested?

  3. I just can believe that some people like Malorey,agree with the caller looking for a cat to feed the snake. Some people can be so cruel and abusive to animals. I really dislike animal abusers and they should get the Dead penalty for abusing animals.

    • I agree. I hate them too. They are incredibly ignorant. They bring no value to the world. Thanks for commenting Graciela.

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