Man Telephoned PetSmart Looking to Adopt A Cat to Feed His Python

Laura Morrison, who I believe works at PetSmart, tells us that an associate of hers took a phone call from a man who asked if the store would let him adopt a cat to feed his python. Apparently the call took place at 6 PM last Sunday evening at IKEA Boulevard PetSmart (I believe this is in Charlotte, NC).

A man asked this store is they would let him adopt a cat to feed his python

A man asked this store is they would let him adopt a cat to feed his python

Adopt A Cat to Feed His Python – Deranged Behavior

It is very strange that this man believed that he could telephone PetSmart and disclose to them that he wished to adopt a cat to feed his python. Laura thinks that he is disturbed and deranged. And an idiot. Correct. It seems the height of arrogance and derangement to disclose the information. He could have just adopted a cat without telling anybody why or at least not mentioning the fact that he had a python. This is the problem though. There are people out there like him.

Laura says that it is her policy not to allow anyone to adopt a cat who owns snakes. She is not comfortable with it. It is unsafe, she says. And I can see that argument. If you dig around on the Internet, and I’ve met this before, you do get people who own reptiles as pets, looking for live food for their animals. Kittens are a target.

Unfortunately, the young lady who took the call did not take the caller’s name. Corporate PetSmart has been contacted to try and trace the person. Their system will only log the last four digits of the caller’s phone number, apparently. Laura says that there is other information in the phone call which she says is too disturbing to disclose in her Facebook post. She doesn’t want to traumatize anybody by what this man said. But the call was a legitimately disturbing call and the man needs to be investigated. After all, it is attempted animal cruelty which is a crime in North Carolina or anywhere else in America.

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Laura says that she was so upset that she couldn’t sleep for a couple of days. One commenter made the point that it is dangerous for the snake to feed a cat to a snake because there is a high risk that the snake will be injured by, for example, losing an eye. That’s an interesting observation. 99.9% of observers would be more concerned about the cat for obvious reasons.

Another commenter, Jan Scere, who I know through Facebook, said that a kitten that they adopted from PetSmart had been brought to the store by a man. He said that he had tried to feed the cat to a snake but the kitten was too feisty and the snake gave up! Maybe it is the same person who is perpetually looking for live food for his damn snake. Horrible. Another lack of morality and no sense that he is engaged in a criminal activity.


Note: I’m not sure where this PetSmart store is. It might be at 8150 IKEA Boulevard, Suite 25, Charlotte, North Carolina. I am open to correction on that.

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7 Responses

  1. Gail/Boston, USA says:

    What amazes me is that the Petsmart employee who took the call didn’t automatically dial *69 after hanging up on this weirdo. That would’ve given them the entire phone number of the previous caller. I suppose he/she was so disturbed that it didn’t occur to them at the time. Then again, perhaps the phone company doesn’t offer that service in the south. Just despicable.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Nice thought Gail. It can be difficult to think to do things under these circumstances. I have experienced situations where in retrospect I felt I made poor decisions.

  2. Michele Massa says:

    Sounds like the psycho was getting off on upsetting the employee. I do not think I would have just pretended it was perfectly normal, been polite, and kept listening, apparently if the employee was so disturbed as to not sleep he or she did just that. I would at the very least threatened him with a call to the police, and he better never call back. He would be lucky if I did not rip him a new one in the process.

  3. Susan Gort says:

    Hopefully,the moron who placed the call will be found and prosecuted.

    • Michael Broad says:

      We hope so, Susan. He’s arrogant enough to make mistakes. The problem is: will the police be interested?

  4. Graciela Irizarry says:

    I just can believe that some people like Malorey,agree with the caller looking for a cat to feed the snake. Some people can be so cruel and abusive to animals. I really dislike animal abusers and they should get the Dead penalty for abusing animals.

    • Michael Broad says:

      I agree. I hate them too. They are incredibly ignorant. They bring no value to the world. Thanks for commenting Graciela.

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