Man thrust into postnatal midwifery care of a litter of kittens

Paris Zarcilla is a filmmaker living in East London. One day he found a cat under his bed. She had just given birth to a litter of kittens. It’s changed Paris’s life and his Twitter feed!

Man thrust into midwife postpartum care of a litter of kittens
Photo from Paris Zarcilla’s Twitter feed. Words added.
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Paris is completely enamoured by becoming an overnight father. He has no idea where the cat came from but he guesses she must be a neighbor’s cat. No doubt she came in the front door because Paris likes to leave it open (God knows how he achieves that without being burgled). She found a nice quiet nest inside his home which happened to be under his bed. And bingo he becomes a father to newborn kittens.

Ever since, Paris has been tweeting a live commentary on his midwife postpartum skills!

It all starts off with the palpably surprised Paris saying:

“I just found a cat that is not mine and it has had babies under my bed”.

Almost every tweet indicates Paris’s love for his new family. He intends to try and find out who owns the cat by checking for a microchip.

He says in one tweet:

“This is too much. I’m approaching nirvana. I legitimately suffer from anxiety attacks and depression and my capacity to deal with it recently has been waning. The Cat Gods have smiled upon me with benevolence and turn the monsters under my bed into kittens”.

In short, the arrival of his impromptu feline family has calmed him down and been beneficial to him which is no surprise to cat lovers.

Of course, he has to prepare himself to give up his cats. He doesn’t own them and of course he realizes that he has a duty to find the owner; if she has an owner. When that moment comes he will have to say his goodbyes and he is prepared for it.

“I’ve been meditating on this wonderful but bizarre situation and I have arrived at a place where I am ready to accept whatever the outcome is. I can only love and care for them now in this moment. I will give them everything they need until they need me no more. All will be good.”

Some examples of his tweets

The remainder of the article I will hand you over to him through his Twitter feed:

1 thought on “Man thrust into postnatal midwifery care of a litter of kittens”

  1. This is so beautiful, I almost have no words.

    Paris is a remarkable man I think. Lovely Mummy cat and kittens, that Mummy chose where to give birth, wisely.

    He is so in love, so devoted, so passionate but still beautifully rational and he has a rare thing these days, real grace. I think this is healing in action. The power of the only ethical medicine in the world.

    Love. It works.


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