Man uses neglected cats to create sad cat stories for financial gain on Facebook

A Malaysian man, 41, kept 46 cats in small cages in his apartment in Bandar Baru Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, to exploit them for financial gain on Facebook. He was tapping into the kindness of Facebook users. This is not rare on Facebook amongst the cat rescue community.

But what is unusual is that he had 46 cats in cages in his apartment. He neglected them and used them. On the face of it, it is a blatant example of abuse of cats and people.

After uploading many videos and photos of the cats he’d ask for financial help for treatment and cat food but spend the money on himself while the cats were callously neglected. I presume that he spent some of the money on the cats but they were neglected and living is deplorable conditions. He exploited that. It is as if he created a dire state of affairs with the cats and used that to gain sympathy and consequently money. We are not told how much money he received.

When the apartment was raided by police and a rescue organisation, Sahabat Kucing Jalanan, they found almost all the cats infected with a fungus referred to as ‘sporo’ (Sporotrichosis).

Another Facebook user said that the man was a fraudster who had 23 Facebook accounts, all of which were used to present sad cat stories and ask for money. I have not verified that allegation.

The man surrendered the cats to the police without argument. He said he loved his cats. He said he had no time to clean the apartment since his mother died in April 2016. No doubt it ponged of ammonia and cat faeces.

The smell from his apartment resulted in complaints and this probably started the chain of events leading to the cats being rescued and his Facebook accounts exposed.

We don’t have the man’s name so I can’t have a look at these webpages. A few cats have been re-homed but the rescue organisation is now looking for financial assistance to treat the cats.


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  1. Hmmm… just like one of your regular and admired commenters that bought a new car on the donations she got when she threatened (also on facebook) to put her cat to sleep if nobody would donate for its now (from neglect) much needed veterinary care. Just like that. Documented all over the internet.


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