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Man Versus Man-eaters — 4 Comments

  1. At least it appears that the tigers are protected to some extent ie they aren’t allowed to collect certain fronds and they certainly aren’t allowed to protect themselves by killing the tigers. The mask is a great idea and looks very effective!

    • Yes, when humans protect themselves from a tiger attack they are also protecting the tiger because if the tiger attacks a man the tiger is then hunted and killed because they say that a man-eater gets a habit for it.

  2. Nice article. Clever little trick with the mask.
    I was fascinated right up to the point where pigs are sacrificed to deter the tigers from other livestock and humans. I don’t like it; but, I have to assume that there just isn’t enough already present prey around.

    • Yes, the people kill the prey so the tiger is forced to eat livestock. I guess pigs are expendable. Sounds awful. Really the tiger should be left alone but there are too many people in that neck of the woods…er I mean swamp 😉

      Tourists go there to see tigers and hardly ever see one. Too rare.

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