Man Who Hanged Cat Still Free

by Elisa Black-Taylor

I don’t know what else to say except the release of a Brisbane, Australia man who hanged a cat and bragged about it is still out of jail and I’m furious!

This man, Russell Hudson, hanged a neighbors cat, two year old Sox, back in October 2008. Photo of Socks can be seen here (opens new window). He baited the cat and filmed it using night vision equipment. Then he bragged about the hanging to his friends. Hudson received a two month sentence and was to serve two weeks of it in actual custody. He was released on bail while an waiting for an appeal on the case.

There are people like Hudson where I live also. They’re released on bail and then jailed on a more serious charge before their court date comes up.

Get this readers, and I’m going to quote the Judge, Ian Dearden’s words. “An adequate sentence of three months with immediate parole would be adequate punishment and act as a deterrent for what is despicable conduct.”

Simon Lewis, QC for Hudson said he believed the sentence was satisfactory. “Understanding this is your honour’s preliminary view, it would not be one that would cause my client any sense of grief,” What!!??? The little boy who owned the cat will grieve for the rest of his life over losing his cat. Especially if anyone told him what happened to it. I’m so TIRED of the guilty being given little or no punishment for crimes involving animal cruelty.

Even the RSPCA representative, Scott Lynch, said he believed a four month sentence was more than adequate.

This case is tied up in Court of Appeal mumbo-jumbo about a short sentence not being desirable. Excuse me, but how about a LONG jail term?

I’m sorry judge, but I don’t agree with how you’ve handled the case so far. This is a man who enjoyed torturing, killing and filming this cat. He later bragged about it to his buddies. This shows he had no remorse for committing the crime. He did admit he felt bad as the little boy who owned the cat went up and down the sidewalk calling for his kitty.

What are you going to say to the citizens of your community when Hudson commits a crime against a child, a spouse or another animal.

It’s sentences like these that fuel the animal abusers of the world. They see what a light punishment is given for committing the abuse and figure it’s worth the risk.

The judge has reserved his decision until a later date, which will probably be later this month, when a final sentence will be handed down. Most likely it will involve only parole and possibly public service. Chances are Russell Hudson won’t spend any time behind bars. Not for this crime, anyway.

The information on the judge and defense are found at the first reference I’ve listed. You can even sign up on that site to get updates on this case.

What are your thoughts on this? I’m about too mad to even write this article. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on writing about this case as I have enough bad news to report as it is. I cringe ever time I read of an animal abuser not being punished.

This update just hit the newswire on March 4 so it is news. And it’s my job to report the news. I get these case updates every single day.

The thought of this man getting away with murder forced me to write. All I’ll say is people won’t stop abusing animals until penalties are tougher and ENFORCED. As is MANDITORY.



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Man Who Hanged Cat Still Free

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Mar 06, 2011
Pet mice
by: Elisa

I had 2 pet mice and at feeding time one would go get a bite of food and take it back to his mate before going back for another bit for itself. That shows even the smallest animals have feelings

Mar 06, 2011
I agree
by: Kathy W

I agree the way humans act towards animals is truly becoming a disease. I to hate the way humans act towards animals. We need to look at the way Native Americans had respect towards all things living. They believed everything had a soul, including rocks and tree. Trees too are living breathing creatures. Of course there also was the exsception in the Native American peoploe too. I hate it when someone says “Its just an animal” Yeah, a living breathing creature with feelings and emotions also. I one time saw the car in front of me run over a stripped ground squirrel. Then I saw its mate or friend run out into the road and try to pick up its dead friend. Amazing isnt it??? This little squirrel knew his friend was dead. He had emotion and feelings!!! Just like all animals. Animal cruelty should carry the same punishment as killing a human, thats how I feel. I cringe even when I see a dead racoon on the road. They too have families and friends!!

Mar 05, 2011
by: Michael

Generally sentencing for animal cruelty is light if the person is caught and convicted. They often are not.

A crime of animal cruelty appears to not be considered grave enough. Companion animals are not considered important enough etc.

Whilst trying to be as objective as possible, Australia is not the best place in the world to be a domestic cat especially a stray cat or feral cat.

In some states of Australia it is legal to shoot them.

Michael Avatar

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