Man Who Punted Cat Like Football Found Murdered (Karma)

Towards the end of 2013, when Dejion Roberson brutally killed a cat by kicking it like a football into power lines he was arrested and charged with animal cruelty but he was not punished as he received only probation.

Now karma has been done. Roberson has been found dead in an isolated area in the middle of the road in Bridgeport, Alabama.

The police have decided that it is a homicide but at this stage they are still searching for answers. They don’t know the cause of death and they have no suspects. Roberson was found at 3 am. Police are not sure if he was killed in Tennessee and transported to Alabama or killed in Alabama.

As for the poor cat, so casually killed by this brute, he/she was sitting outside when Roberson grabbed him and kicked him like a football. The cat died in the arms of a neighbor. Roberson said the cat had scratched a child. There was no evidence of that.

I am disappointed but unsurprised he effectively got away with it.  We know this is not unusual. The Kristen Lindsey case supports that statement.

Karma refers to cause and effect. What we do now affects us in the future. Good deeds leads to good karma: future happiness, while bad behavior and intent leads to suffering in the future and in this case the ultimate version of that: death. This cat killer found bad karma.

Frankly, the world is better off without him. There should be more karma of this nature in the world.

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10 thoughts on “Man Who Punted Cat Like Football Found Murdered (Karma)”

  1. Yes, it must be “karma” at work. Outdoor cat-hoarding can be a dangerous hobby too. Feed vermin cats at your own risk.

    “Cat lover shot to death” http : // abc11 . com / archive/8898176/

    • This is not karma Woody. You know it and if you don’t you are ignorant. This is plain criminality. A robbery.

    • I agree Rudolph. He lived a violent life and it ended violently. That’s karma. His cat kicking/killing was one aspect of his nasty violent life.

  2. I’ve no doubts that him killing that poor cat was not a one-off display of his anger. A nasty piece of work like him is bound to cross the wrong person at sometime, and I bet he associated with some dodgy characters too.

    Karma played out nicely here. Not only was he murdered, but he was unceremoniously dumped in the road. Just like an animal who’d been run over and ignored.

  3. Finding it impossible to feel sorry for that POS. Karma is a purebred bitch. If he acted out with a defenseless animal like that I can only imagine how he treated other humans. Kids, the elderly and women are usually fair game too. Guess Dejon meet up with someone who was more than he could handle. Oh boo hoo.

    And the ironic thing about this? Even tho the animal abuse case was investigated and Roberson was charged but got off with probation, I am pretty sure that this case will soon go stone cold. The police are not going to look too hard for whoever did this. I used to work for the metropolitan police department here, and whenever someone like Roberson was found dead the cops I worked with would investigate just enough and no further. The general attitude was “no great loss.”

    Here’s hoping dear ol’ Kristen leads an interesting life, like the Chinese curse says. I can see her killing another animal with her bow and arrow and the irate owner decides to take matters into his or her own hands. Can’t wait for that one. I’ll even contribute to their legal defense fund if need be.

  4. Good riddance!
    If I recall correctly, Elisa predicted that he would be killed in a comment she wrote in the original article.

  5. I’ll say it again,good,one less POS to harm anymore cats,hope the murdered cat saw him on the other side and booted his arse to HELL!



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