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Man with an IQ of 10 avoids jail for cat cruelty — 4 Comments

  1. I used to ride along with some veterinarian’s when they needed someone to handle livestock /horses. I can only say that lots of people avoid call the vet until the animal is gasping it’s last breath from disease of infection.
    I don’t enjoy going to the veterinarian it’s stressful to the cats and expensive.
    This is just ignorant behavior as there are plenty of ways to apply dressing to an animals wound with correct OTC medications if you are that hard up. Duct tape is beyond stupid I give him an IQ of -10

  2. Michael. . .oh for the love of God. . . this *person* (i use the term loosely!!) obviously owns said cat, and, yes, I agree with you that this was done to avoid the vet. What a jerk — and stupid?? In my books that is off the scale and he needs to be duct taped!!!!!That is the one thing I NEVER neglect — my *kids* get a yearly check-up and if something pops up in between, I text my vet to see if it warrants bringing in or I can treat it at home. I love my vet. In ANY emergency, he is a text away with help. Of course, if it is something that needs treated immediately, and it is after hours, we do have an emergency vet clinic available five minutes away from me. My *kids* never go without and are very loved and cared for. (Of course, I’m sure you know this by now about me — LOL). . . ♥♥♥

    • I like the way that you text your veterinarian. I have not heard of that before. It tells us that you have a very open channel of communication with your vet. This tells us that you have a good relationship with your vet and use him/her when needed. Excellent.

      After I wrote the article I thought that I might have been a bit rude about the man but I don’t think I have in retrospect. It is completely idiotic to put duct tape over a cat and there’s no hiding from that simple fact.

      • It is very nice that I can contact him (Dr. Karl Yurko, K.E.Y.Animal Hospital — they are on facebook). We grew up in the same town, so we are also good friends. And, no, I don’t think you were at all rude about this jerk. . .

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