Man wrestles his cat from the mouth of a coyote

Editor’s note: This video contains slightly graphic images of puncture wounds that may not be suitable for all readers. Although there is much worse on the internet. This took place in Kincora, Calgary, USA.

Softly spoken and brave Allan Moore tells his story in the video. He appears to be from South Africa judging by his accent. The video is interesting. This is clearly a new settlement by which I mean a lot of new homes for humans in an ever expanding American population and he admits that it was built on coyote land. It appears that the residents are sympathetic to coyote cubs being raised on nearby land.

He is sympathetic towards the coyote despite chasing it across open ground and then wrestling with it to get his cat out of the animal’s mouth causing many puncture wounds on his hand. He also received a nasty scratch and his cat has also suffered many puncture wounds. His cat appears to be at hospital treated with morphine. He had rescued his cat as a stray from a nearby area.

The man did a remarkable job. He kept his cool and took a risk for his cat. It proves that it is possible to fight with a coyote and win but how many people would try this? It is an interesting thought because if you are a cat lover and you see your cat in the mouth of a coyote being taken away at speed, do you mourn the loss of your beloved feline companion or do you leap into action and start a rescue mission fraught with danger? Elisa, my colleague, says that many ‘crazy cat ladies’ would do the same thing!

His opening words are telling. He says that he was motivated to fight with the coyote by his daughter who was crying and screaming. I guess she was extremely upset by seeing her cat in the mouth of the coyote and Allan had to do something for her sake. It is a nice thought.

Finally, the story is rounded off by the fact that he rescued his cat because he had been abandoned nearby in a cat carrier with water and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

My thanks to 660 NEWS. The still photos are screenshots from the video.

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4 thoughts on “Man wrestles his cat from the mouth of a coyote”

  1. Nice guy in every respect, and a hero to his cat and daughter of course. And of course I’d have done the same thing. I presume the coyote lived too. Makes me think about how it will be for me and mine in the rural country I plan to move to…

  2. Elisa, my colleague, says that many ‘crazy cat ladies’ would do the same thing!

    Elisa is at least correct that this crazy cat lady will wrestle any of her cats from a coydog and once I recover my cat then I would call Wildlife Management and have them come out and trap it and here in New York they euthanize them once caught unless it is a lactating female with pups.

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