Mandalay Cat

I’ll have to keep this fairly short because in all truth there is not a lot to say about the Manadalay cat but it is a cat breed and I want to list all the cat breeds even if they are what I describe as fringe breeds.

Mandalay Cat
Mandalay Cat
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The Mandalay cat is a Burmese cat without the pointing. The Burmese is a pointed cat although the pointing at times can be hard to see.

The Mandalay is a solid colored cat. This was achieved by crossing the Burmese with “a solid coloured domestic” or random bred domestic cat (moggie)2.

Clearly the breeding is selective to achieve this “alteration” to the Burmese appearance.

Except for the lack of pointing the Mandalay is the same as the Burmese, it appears. That is not quite true however.

The eye color is said to be deeper and the coat silkier than the Burmese.

The cross breeding between Burmese and Domestic Shorthair cat removed the Burmese Gene (cbcb)1.

This cat breed is not registered, it appears, to any cat association other than the New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc.

This rare cat breed was developed in New Zealand but the first accidental mating occurred in 1980 between a Burmese female and a black non-purebred tom cat.

The resultant jet black cats with amber eyes so impressed a breeder or breeders that they decided to create a new breed.

There is a connection to the perhaps better known Bombay cat breed, a stunning jet black cat.

This is because in the UK a similar breeding program has produced what is called the Bombay cat which we are told is different to the American Bombay cat. The non-black Bombays in the UK are called Asians1.




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