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  1. Local radio had a man on this morning who was named for Nelson Mandela. His first name is Mandela. He said that bearing that name shaped his whole life because “it was a lot to live up to.” I’ll say. On one hand I can’t believe parents would place a burden like that on a child– a name he could never live up to. On the other hand, I think it was great. It keeps the remembrance and spirit of a great man alive.

    • The name of a person can have a big impact on a person’s life and it can certainly help in making a person successful.

      Nelson Mandela was given his first name by a British nurse as I recall. He had no idea why he was given that first name.

  2. ….but you also know that he could not hurt an animal. I also would wager a bet that he could never have hunted. I’d also bet that he would protect them and the environment given the chance – and probably he did. A good person is not just good in politics – or in just one way – a good person has good common sense and confronted with any situation will make the kinder, more sustainable choices where possible.

    Therefore it is easy to suggest what he might have done in many given situations because we know he is a good person.

    Apartheid style of occupation is alive and kicking in Israel now.

    • I fully agree with what you write about Mandela and animals. I have had time to find something. According to PETA Mandela was “a patron of the National Council of SPCAs, which works to improve the standards for animal welfare in communities in South Africa.”

      This is exactly what I would expect. He would have respected animals. No doubt.

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