Manx Cat Picture 8

Once again, I have chosen this amateur picture as it shows the rump of a tail on this Manx Cat (a stumpy). Sarah Hartwell of Messybeast discusses the origins of the short tailed cat generally. She is not sure of the origins of the Manx Cat. If that is the case the origins are unclear.Some Manx Cats have short and twisted tails. Malay cats also have short and twisted tails due to a deformity of the bones. Sarah Hartwell asks the question whether the Manx Cat originated from the Malay Cat as a result. Because of the great penetration of the dominant tailless mutated gene, when the Manx is crossed with another breed of cat you are almost certain to get some tailless kittens and sometimes all the litter is of tailless kittens.

manx cat
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2 thoughts on “Manx Cat Picture 8”

  1. I am looking for a breeding pair of Manx Cats. How would I go about contacting someone for this purpose. I live on a farm in Northern Idaho and like them for mousers. We used to have Manx, but over the years have lost all ours and there doesn’t seem to be any around to adopt or buy.

    • Hi Carline, the obvious answer is to contact a breeder through an association. Both the Cat Fanciers’ Association and TICA register the Manx. They’ll have some breeders on their books and they may be listed on their websites.

      I’d start there. This is the website of a breeder:

      Good luck.


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