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Manx Cats and Poop — 3 Comments

  1. I have read about SB – I even followed the story of Dot who is or was at Tabby’s Place.

    This article is actually very sad – it makes me very sad reading about the endless horrible conditions that have been bred into these cats. Usually a cat with no tail or a short tail in the world of moggies is a problem. A friend’s cat had a short tail and took a year to gain control over he bowels – I’m glad they stuck with it and had faith in her. She is fine and happy now.

    But that it be done on purpose is another thing altogether. In some ways this is far worse than any form of animal abuse because it results in the immediate killing of or the lifetime of pain and discomfort – of more purposefully damaged cats whilst others are in shelters.

    It’s all so wrong and sad. If I had a kitten with these problems I would probably spend many heartbreaking years helping him or her to be as happy and comfortable as possible – and all that time I would be so angry at the people who did this. I can’t stand to see a cat deal with incontinence. It’s very hard for the cat I believe. Poor things destined to a difficult life. It has to stop.

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