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Manx – Rex – American Curl multi-hybrid kittens rescued

Friends for Life Rescue Network in Los Angeles have rescued a couple of kittens that were known to have the Manx, tailless gene but they are also American Curl and Rex cats in my opinion. They appear to me to be the result of a deliberate attempt by a local breeder to create a Rex – Manx – American Curl hybrid. This is because they are tailless, have curly hair and folded back ears.

Liam Amber and German Shepherd dog at their new home (foster carer’s home)

They are siblings Liam and Amber. They were fostered and their foster carer has adopted them which is heroic as they are both special needs kitties. They have conditions associated with the Manx gene: spina bifida and incontinence.

Liam and Amber nose touch greeting in front of friendly and interested dog. Photo: Friends for Life Rescue Network.

The foster carer is an amazing person. I think her name is Denah. But an interesting aspect of this cat rescue is the purebred/hybrid nature of the kitties. And Friends for Life Rescue Network have some other purebred hybrids on their Instagram page. They have for instance a cat that looks like a Maine Coon x American Curl cross. And I have seen a Singapura. A rare cat.

Liam as a kitten wearing his diaper (nappy). Photo: Friends for Life Rescue Network.

Liam needed a lot of TLC when he was rescued which is to be expected (and medical treatment). Amber
joined Liam and they were introduced in a staged way to prevent hostility. They get along well and live with a German Shepherd dog.

They are both doing well in the excellent care of Denah. But as I said these cats are purebred hybrids in my opinion and I’d love to know the backstory, their history before they were rescued. This interesting chapter in their lives is omitted.

I have left a message with the rescue network on their Facebook page to see if there is something going on with breeding novel hybrid cats who are rejected because of health issues.

FB message

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