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Many Cat Owners Are Unaware of the Dangers of Unsafe Collars — 5 Comments

  1. Michael, of course, true health conditions and safety issues can be so easily overlooked.I have become very aware of my cats and their needs on a daily basis. Any of us cat lovers knows how quickly their situations can change. My “Maine Coons” provide all of the proof I need to verify this fact.


  2. Michael-This is a very serious problem for many pet owners in general, of any species. Thanks for posting this one and reminding us all to Buckle Up The Right Way With A Safety Release Collar; if we must put one on them.

    • Thanks Eva for commenting. It is a sleeping cat health problem. Everything seems okay and then the owner’s cat dies because of the collar they gave her.

  3. Interesting and very true subject..i have always avoided putting a novelty collar on my cats for the fear of injury or suffocation…

    • Kevin, I think true animal and cat lovers like their cats to look natural and they are aware of the dangers. Other cat owners like to decorate their possession – their cat.

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