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Many Cat Shelters Are Legalised Cat Hoarders. Discuss — 13 Comments

  1. The big problem with cats is that they reproduce like crazy unless effective measure are taken to control their fertility rate. Their numbers can soon get out of control and well-meaning cat carers can soon wander into the category of hoarder.
    This is because under natural conditions the attrition rate of cats and especially their kittens is very high. 2 litters each of 5 or 6 per year is barely adequate to maintain a survival rate. But a close associations with humans has altered all of that with a much higher survival rate, and this can cause quite a lot of problems.

    • Yes, this is why there is a high responsibility on cat caretakers to manage the situation. The biggest problem that we have in the world of cats is cat caretakers who are not responsible enough towards their cats to ensure they don’t breed because the consequences of that are often catastrophic and varied.

  2. It’s lack of education all round, about cats in the USA, they are not valued as they should be, there wouldn’t be full Shelters if only people would accept that cats are for life, not just to dump when it’s inconvenient to have them around any more.
    The whole subject of cats needs a complete overhaul, from neutering, to declawing, to thinking of cats as family members.
    Especially all Kill Shelters should be stopped from murdering innocent healthy cats who are in them because of the uncaring, unfeeling people who walk away and leave them to their fate.

    • You are right and I completely agree with you, Ruth, that there needs to be a root and branch overhaul of our relationship with the domestic cat. There are many good aspects of it and some wonderful people caring for the domestic cat and feral cats but that does not hide the fact that far too many cats are killed unnecessarily. It is rather bizarre but I think quite enlightening to compare cat shelters with cat hoarders as Harvey did. There is a distinct similarity. No doubt any cat shelter manager who reads this will disagree very strongly and be surprised.

    • Killing in shelters will never stop until spay/neutering is mandatory.

      And, adoptive people, after being screened, should sign a contract stating that they will keep the animal for life. And, it should be enforced unless there is evidence of abuse.

      Kill shelters aren’t allowed to turn any animal away, so they become saturated.
      Cats are everywhere here. What would it feel like to walk down 2 or 3 blocks and see 12 cats hungry and needing a home? It’s heartbreaking. That’s why my car is loasded down with cat food.

      This country is 40 times the size of England. So, I know that making an across the board change is next to impossible. But, I keep shouting and won’t stop.

  3. Perhaps someone should enlighten the county kill shelters as to what they really are.
    I’m someone.
    But, like any other hoarder, they’re in denial.

    • It is an interesting comparison: to compare vilified cat hoarders with cat shelters who are generally praised but there is certainly a similarity although the managers of cat shelters will be horrified to see this comparison.

      I have to say, with regret, that some shelters see it as almost normal to euthanise quite a large percentage of the number of cats in their care. It is what I call a normalised situation and therefore as you say someone to tell them and enlighten them as to what they really are.

      • Gosh, I’ll let you know if the manager of my kill shelter here is horrified.
        I’ll bet not.
        These are “dead eyed” people, Michael, and they just go through the motions of caring.
        I wish everyone would visit a kill shelter and see this. It’s chilling.

        • These are “dead eyed” people, Michael, and they just go through the motions of caring.

          I had that in my mind. Sort of processing but lacking real concern for lives. There has to be passion in cat rescue to make it work.

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