“Many vets already refusing” to declaw. Really?

by Chris H
(Ontario, Canada)

More veterinarians are taking stands against performing cosmetic and convenience surgeries – according to DVM Newsmagazine online,

“Animal-welfare concerns are changing the way DVMs work”

“Societal ‘awareness’ increasingly influencing teaching, practice of veterinary medicine”

“National Report. Animal-welfare issues are becoming more prevalent, as evidenced by the sheer volume of legislation introduced and adopted throughout the country recently…

…Small animals, big issues

Companion-animal practitioners have seen their share of welfare challenges in recent years as well. Ear cropping, tail docking and declawing most frequently are discussed.

Many practices no longer offer ear cropping, if they ever did, and some do not perform tail dockings.

Dr. Erinn Kelly, of Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital in Lincoln Park, Mich., has practiced for 18 years and has never performed an ear cropping, although her clinic did offer them until six years ago.

“We didn’t feel they were humane,” she says of the decision.

If someone requests the procedure, they refer the client to another veterinarian in town.

Overall, Kelly says requests for ear cropping and tail docking seem to be on the decline.

She has noticed an uptake in the number of laser declaws and use of pain medication.

“Pain control for elective procedures is a lot more accepted,” she says. “In the past, we never offered it for spays or neuters. Now, if it’s offered, 95 percent of the time they accept it.”

While some activists have made an issue of declawing, Kelly does not have a problem with it.

“If it keeps the cat in the home, it’s not an ethical issue for me,” she says. “I have three cats of my own, and they’re declawed. I do strongly encourage doing it at an early age, and I strongly encourage laser declaw…”


I believe the following HSVMA article doesn’t accurately explain declawing (pain, possible future consequences & complications, lack of research, ethics), nor how many vets still offer & promote it & has at least one critical broken link:

“HSVMA Launches Campaign on Cosmetic and Convenience Surgeries” – link – link broken 2012 (new window).

“This campaign has been designed to help educate the public and provide tools to veterinary professionals who are opposed to these non-therapeutic procedures, which include ear cropping, tail docking, devocalization of cats and dogs, and declawing of cats.

Many veterinarians are already refusing to perform these procedures, as they are typically performed solely for the cosmetic preferences and convenience of the caregivers and provide no medical benefit to the animal…”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I wish.

How many is “many”?

If this is true, are the vets listing themselves online as officially refusing to declaw?

Even the HSUS disagrees.

“Declawing is still legal and common in the United States and Canada”, according to the HSUS “Animal Sheltering” magazine article “The Declaw Dilemma”..link – link broken 2012 (new window)

“But how humane is it? And is it ethical? In the absence of definitive studies that can answer these questions, shelters are developing policies and practices that balance their desire to place animals and preserve the human-animal bond with their desire to prevent unnecessary and possibly pain-inducing procedures…”

Chris H

“Many vets already refusing” to declaw. Really? to Declawing cats

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“Many vets already refusing” to declaw. Really?

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Jul 15, 2010 I don’t think so !
by: Ruth

Dr Kelly and others like her always try to conceal the fact that declawing is a money making procedure for them by the tired old excuse that more cats would be homeless if they weren’t declawed.
We all know now that this is simply not true, that many declawed cats end up in Rescue Shelters because of mental or physical problems from the declawing.
We also know that statistics are not kept of the declawed cats which are killed on admission to Shelters because of those problems or the ones caged for life as unrehomeable.
We also know that this supposed to be last resort procedure is encouraged by some vets to be done on little kittens.Hardly last resort when someone can plan to get a kitten and not even buy him a scratching post as they can have his toe ends removed instead.
We know that vets who have invested in expensive laser machine are pushing them as more humane.How can they be when they still amputate the cats last toe joints ?
The truth is those vets need to make the money back which they invested in their fancy machines.
We also know cats are born with claws because they need claws and that no one has the right to take these essential healthy body parts away from them.
Yes thankfully there are some vets who refuse to declaw cats,who stick to their oath to harm no animal and who EDUCATE their clients as to the fact that declawing is WRONG !
38 countries where it is banned or classed as extremely inhumane say it is wrong.
Pictures of suffering cats say it is wrong.
Millions of people who know the truth about it say it is wrong.
Dr Kelly of all people, being trained to help animals ..huh….must know her own cats are at risk of painful arthritis as they age,even if they have escaped the other problems of declawing.
Cats are born with claws because they need claws,it’s as simple as that !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 14, 2010 I challenge vets to start TRACKING results
by: Susan

If more vets are refusing to declaw, WHERE ARE THEY??? Because I can’t find more non-declawing vets in Ohio!

Dr Erin Kelly, and every vet that declaws, needs to start tracking the results of their declaw patients. They will soon see that DECLAWING DOES NOT SAVE LIVES nor keep cats in homes. They will soon see that more of their declawed patients have behavioral problems and are euthanized, abandoned, and relinquished than their clawed patients.

WHY don’t they track now? Because they don’t want this information made public! They don’t want this $3 billion a year industry to go down the drain. It’s not about the animals, it’s all about money.

I challenge each and every vet who believes that declawing keeps cats in homes to truthfully start tracking – RIGHT NOW! And make this information public!

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