Many vets who declaw say they have never seen complications. Here is one Savannah cat example.

The complications of declawing are legendary but many vets (tens of thousands and the majority of American vets) say that they have never seen complications. Where are they looking? Are they blind or in denial? It is a terrible and shameless denial of the reality of this operation.

The Paw Project write on their Facebook page that this attractive Savannah cat (expensive) was declawed 13 years ago by his previous owners. He suffered pain in his paws because the claws started to regrow. Of course, domestic cats in pain are silent but no doubt there were body language signs like a poor gait.


The Paw Project carried out repair surgery. They asked if the vet who did the declawing realises that his surgery (I’d call it cruel, legalised mutilation) caused this cat pain for many years. I wonder. He probably does not and if he did, he would have ignored it.

There are many pages on declawing on this website because I hate it and find the whole thing unfathomable. It is a massive aberration and abdication of the veterinarian’s oath and moral duty when veterinarians declaw cats at the request of the cat’s owner for the purpose of preventing the scratching of furniture which is the reason in 99% of cases.


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