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From Cork Animal Care Society photo competition.
From Cork Animal Care Society photo competition.
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This is a hand made map of animal rescue sanctuaries in the Republic of Ireland. I say hand made because Google is unable to map the addresses of the Irish animal sanctuaries. This is because the addresses, although familiar to Irish people are unfamiliar to Google as they omit the property number (street number) and there is no postcode or zip code. This baffles Google and presents a challenge to people like me who want to make it easier to rescue animals in need. It was difficult mapping these shelters.

The map below contains 24 rescue centers or shelters of varying types and 2 charity shops that help to support the animal rescue organisation concerned making 26 push pin place markers in all. Full details can be found in respect of each organisation when you click on the the red push pins.

Some tips

1. Locate the push pin that is somewhere near to where you are.

2. Zoom in using the controls top left of the map. You can also move the map up and down using these controls and left to right. More experienced web surfers can use their track pad to move and zoom the map.

3. Click on the push pin to read about the animal rescue or sanctuary and to use the details to make contact. You will find the website address of the shelter as well. Click on the website link to go to the website where you can read a lot more about the rescue organisation.


As mentioned these are rescue organizations that have shelter facilities. There are a number of other rescue groups who use foster placements. These are organisations who use a network of volunteers to home animals at home pending rehoming. Obviously I cannot map these places as they are private addresses.

Personally, I like the idea of visiting a sanctuary to see the animals.

The best website by a margin in my opinion is the representing the Cork Animal Care Society, which seems to me to be an excellent organisation. Their charity shop has been mapped but they have no special shelter facilities. The photo heading the page was the winner of their Jan 2012 photo competition. I hope they don’t mind be reproducing it here.


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2 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Ireland Map”

  1. My brother-in-law is from Ireland and returns every year to visit his family. He has never talked about any rescue organizations or, even, any positive feelings towards animals there. I’ve never really felt any animal compassion from him when we visit even though that passion exudes from my every pore.
    I would have to figure out the size of Ireland in comparison to where I’m at in order to determine if 24 shelters are an average. It seems like very little to me. But, some are better than none.


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