Map Showing Exactly Where Woodsman001 (aka Woody) Lives

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Woody lives at the end of a cul-de-sac on Shaman Road, Galveston, Texas, USA.

Woodsman001, aka “Woody” (named as such by PoC contributors) discloses exactly where he lives on the Galveston Ornithological Society website. Woody even explains how to get to the front door of his home which is how I placed his home accurately on the map below:

Note: Please click on the zoom out button (the minus button) at bottom-left of the map to see the whole of Galveston and where his home is in relation to the town.

Woody is fairly notorious and well-known amongst us who are concerned with cat welfare and write about it online. There are several pages referring to him on PoC. The link below leads to a major page on his identity:

Woody is a senior member (perhaps the founder and most senior member) of the Galveston Ornithological Society which explains somewhat his distorted hatred of the feral and outdoor cat. He thinks cats decimate bird populations while conveniently ignoring the far greater destruction humans wreak on birds in one way or another.

Woody declares to the world the exact spot where he lives on his bird website but carefully hides his identity when trolling. He was confident that a connection between his ornithology hobby and his trolling would not be made.

Okay, what can be do now that we know where he lives? Well, I am minded to make a formal complaint to the local police force. That may sound laughable and it will probably fail miserably. And no doubt Woody will comment on this page in the near future. However, in the UK persistent trolls are reported to the police and the police often respond. It can be a criminal offence in the UK. I am not sure of the law in the USA on this.

I would not be surprised if the police in Galveston shoot cats just like Woody (or at least he says he shoots them regularly with a .22 rifle).

Any thoughts about what we might do to capitalise on this information?

Note: Although I am not 100% sure that Woody is the person referred to, I am 90+% sure.

46 thoughts on “Map Showing Exactly Where Woodsman001 (aka Woody) Lives”

    • Your comment, which linked to an image which is offensive to cat lovers and any decent animal loving person has been amended. I have run out of patience with you. Please cease to comment. If you do comment it will not be published but deleted.

  1. And how is it OK for you to be rude to me, but not for me to be rude to you? Is this one of these POME “nobility” vs. “commoner” double standards or something? You come off pretty damned arrogant.

    • Yes, I might give the impression that I’m arrogant. I am not but as I have established that you dislike cats being a supporter of woodsman I feel free to do as I wish in respect of what I say and write to you. Please end this conversation. It is time to finish it.

    • Al-Hajji, there’s something fundamentally deranged about this Micheal character. I just posted verifiable evidence of one of his regular visitors that tortured their own cat to death for 3 months (a direct link to a post by that person, in her own words). And instead of reporting her behavior and values to the world, he edited that post and deleted the link to the proof, to cover it up–JUST so he won’t lose visitors to his website (in his own words).

      IOW: You’re trying to use common-sense with a madman.

      I now strongly suspect we are trying to converse with single-celled parasitic protozoa with no semblance of reason nor common-sense, where once there might have been a human mind. That is long gone.

  2. But I’m not a cat hater. So what other reason do you have for finding my thoughts “unacceptable”? The fact that I disagree with you?

    • If you are not a cat hater you make a very good impersonation of one. You have said that you support Woodsman. Woodsman is a cat hater and therefore I have to deduce that you are as well. In addition, your comment Submitted on 2015/12/25 at 3:55 pm | In reply to Michael Broad, clearly indicates a strong dislike of the domestic cat if not a hatred of them. And the words that you use denigrates the cat and encourages others to hurt stray, feral and domestic cats. Therefore, once again you are incorrect in what you say. You cannot be trusted just as all trolls cannot be trusted. They are cowardly people hiding behind anonymous personas in order to try and provoke people which they consistently failed to do in my case.

      It is time to end this conversation in the interests of other visitors. Therefore please do not make any more comments because if you do they will be deleted before publishing.

  3. You apparently don’t hate to call me stupid, because you did so twice despite my not having been “rude” to you or having done anything more in the past week or than post the above photo.

    I will point out that most large constrictors aren’t particularly dangerous. I captured a 12 foot reticulate python single-handed when I was only 16 without much difficulty and wasn’t harmed.

    I regularly encounter large “beqirs”–boa constrictors–in the wild when my wife and I visit her family in Costa Rica. Likewise have never been harmed by one, except once being bitten by a six-foot specimen I handled carelessly. Sustained a lot of nasty puncture wounds, but I’ve gotten deeper, and worse, cat-bites.

    Another thing–a boa or python won’t kill except when it’s hungry. You can’t say the same for cats.

    That said, feral populations of boa constrictors, Burmese and African rock pythons should be removed from the wild in North America for the same reasons feral cats should be.
    They’re invasive species, though far less destructive to naturally-occurring wildlife assemblages than feral cats.

    Despite your own rudeness I haven’t disrespected you here. Are you capable of exchanging views with those who disagree with you, or can you only censor them? Let’s see…

    • The point I made is that people are frightened for their personal safety and the safety of pets when it comes to snakes. That is the point. It will always be justifiably rude to cat haters who wish to hurt the cat in one way or another. They deserve it because their thoughts are unacceptable.

    • I have converted your link to the picture to which the link points. The picture is misleading as usual. Pretty much everything you say is misleading and I hate to say it, stupid. When a cat kills an animal as prey the cat is simply carrying out what he or she is meant to do. It is natural. No one can criticise the cat for that. And the reason why people treat that differently to an escaped Python or boa constrictor is because the latter two species of animal are snakes that can attack people. When a wild animal is on the loose which is dangerous to people naturally people become anxious or in the words of the picture “lose their mind”. The two aspects of this photograph are completely different. They are different topics and that is something you have completely missed which tells me that you are stupid.


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