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This page also contains links to some interesting maps that deal with cat rescue, cat boarding and Bengal tiger reserves. As there are a lot of visitor stories and articles on the site I have included links to these while not forgetting Elisa Black-Taylor who has written many articles mainly on cat rescue.

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  1. a large page on cat facts and opinion and a larger page on:
  2. the animal welfare laws of a number of countries for comparison. It is quite revealing.
  3. Cat Facts – a lot of fact and opinion as it happens. It can be hard to differentiate the two.
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*Audio specials*: 3 month old jaguarundi’s fighting over food, 10 week old jaguarundi’s fight over food and hungry 4 week old caracal kitten (recorded by Balazs Buzas). Hear some wild cat sounds.

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    1. Thanks for contacting me James. If you’d like to write for the website there would have to be some reference to cats in the article! If you can dream something up like, The best dog breeds as cat companions, that would be nice.

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  5. In New Zealand, the authorities under the direction of rich antifelinist environmental extremists have begun the process of ridding our nation of all Cats.

    Legislation is being prepared to restrict Cats and those who serve Cats. Compulsory microchip identification of all domestic Cats will grant these evil people the opportunity to conduct mass exterminations of all Cats who do not return identification on a microchip scanner.

    The mass extermination of Cats will be subcontracted out to private environmental extremist groups. Read the full story at our website:

    1. Thanks for visiting and telling us about your website and objectives. I’ll read it up and I may do an article. I don’t normally accept comments that self-promote but we have the same or similar objectives so am happy to promote your goodselves.

  6. Attached is one of my recent finds – possibly the only description and history of a lost breed called the “Bristol” (printed in the defunct Cats Magazine, and American publication, in 1972). Up until finding this, common wisdom was that the Bristol was derived from a domestic x Margay cross. It now seems that it was – at least in the beginning – a domestic cat and not a hybrid. Quite how the Bristol name became associated with a hybrid might never be known.

  7. Scammers – or just plain ignorant individuals – are advertising kittens with “fever coat” on Craigslist as Lykoi cats. The kitten in the photo has a roan coat due to “fever coat” and this will be lost when it moults its current fur. It doesn’t have the pattern of partial hairlessness found on the face or body of a Lykoi. And it is tortoiseshell which is not a colour found in the Lykoi breed (a Lykoi-outcross might be tortie, but would not have a roan in the coat).

    Some poor cat is likely to end up abandoned when the new owner realises they’ve been duped.

    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for this info. I’ll build a short page on this. You know me. I hate scams and I hate anything which is against cat welfare. I hate people I mean….!

  8. Title of Article; Aspergers: What Animals Taught Me About Life Book Release

    Body of Article;

    I am writing this book to help others in this world who may be facing obstacles or overwhelming odds in their search for finding happiness or success. It is going to be done in just a couple of months. People who have a disability or handicap against them can find it harder to do well in life. This can be compounded by misunderstanding among peers or friends, self doubt, depression, among other things.

    In this story I hope to give you a glimpse of my life and what I went through in the beginning, how it impacted my life, and what I did to better my life in spite of the obstacles. I want to show you that you can do absolutely anything, regardless of where you are at in life. I find the one thing a person needs is to have the opportunity to look into someone else’s life and see what they did to get back on their feet after falling down.

    I plan on donating many copies to developmental organizations and animal shelters. You can find this project of mine by visiting my Kickstarter page at:

    For those who have not met me, my name is Zachariah Atteberry. I am by formal diagnosis, developmentally disabled. The specific label that was affixed to my disability was called Asperger’s, a high functioning form of autism. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s in middle school when I was a teenager. Asperger’s makes it difficult for me to socialize with people. I often made excuses not to attend events like holidays, meetings and other social events. I didn’t have good eye contact, fidgeted my hands, and rehearsed being invisible so people would not notice me there. I had trouble accessing social situations and fitting into high traffic situations for the better part of my middle and high school life.

    Talking to people made me feel like I would drown underneath a storm of my own anxiety. Because of Asperger’s, I have trouble comprehending some physical tasks like driving a vehicle, cooking or mowing at first. Communication was the hardest for me to get used to. However, I try not let my disability stop me or get me down in the dumps. I use my disability as a reason to try harder in life, to show the crowd of doubters and nonbelievers what someone like me can accomplish in the face of adversity.

    I realize that it is easy for some people to feel alone and undermined in a world that just seems to keep spinning on by when they are a unique learner. What I have found through observation is that the less we know, the more we stand to gain. What this theory means to me is that even if a task took longer than someone else that did it, I still rewarded myself and counted it a victory. Each new skill is a huge stepping stone towards a bigger objective, much like a video game in which we have to start on the simple mission and work our way to the harder missions.

    In fact, when I first voyaged out to be someone of worth to society, anxiety and doubt shrouded my mind. I was completely clueless on what to do or what steps to take so I could reach my goals. And when you add in that I was depressed, the feeling of not being able to make my dreams come true was compounded. Unless you are a paragon of confidence, the feeling of being unsure of yourself and in a spot of vulnerability ebbs at you like frost through a leaf. An interesting fact I often find is that people who have disabilities such as Asperger’s often have at least one unique talent such a writing, drawing, or singing. I learned in school that if you judge a fish by their ability to climb a tree, you will never realize their true talent. Having learned that, I have always urged people to look deep for inner talent and to harness what they do have, instead of what they don’t have

    The Northeast Missouri Humane Society is where my story unfolded; where I gained the confidence to unlock untold potential and become an integral part of the shelter team. When I first traveled into the realm of animal care, I was shy and did not make an impression worth remembering at first. For several years I was under the erroneous assumption that a person like me couldn’t ever be successful due to having been diagnosed with Asperger’s. I had the ingrained thought that my progress was frozen in time. From my line of work and in life I have learned about trial and error, love and forgiveness. I have learned this lesson not just from myself personally, but from other coworkers and animals that spring into mind when I think of an advocate.

    Becoming what I am today has cost me a lot both physically and emotionally. I lost count of the times I was told to get over it as if an injection from a first aid kit would remedy every difficulty. I remember making all F’s in high school, dropping out, and becoming lost in a crypt of depression so deep that not even an excavation crew could find me. Then I came back from that defeat and made all A’s in my senior year after much fighting and working things out. Now, almost 4 years later, I am about to graduate as a veterinary technician.

    Being an advocate for the animals at the shelter and at the many places I was shuffled to and from when I was younger was also tough. Being an advocate cost me my want to quit and give up, my ultimate desire to isolate myself into a corner and simply wish the tension away. And I have learned that we do not affect change by alienating ourselves, we affect change by batting on the frontlines for change.

    My experience and quest through depression, bullying, and misfortune is not at all unique; the battle is repeated hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the United States. This book was written to honor the ones who lost their lives during the fight to happiness and to help individuals that are still reaching out for fulfillment. I know what it is like as I have been down that road before. And there were many people who doubted that I would succeed… but at the same time others saw hope, experience, and unlimited possibility. I see the potential for greatness in every individual, human and animal alike.

    I became a protector of animals and people, to speak up for those with no voice, because of my past life in foster care. I know what it was like to grow up with very few that you can trust, praying to the high heavens that a miracle would come. I enjoy working with animals and helping out people who have been classified as disabled. Animal shelters are constantly evolving as more information becomes available about animal health, behavior, nutrition, and medicine. The excitement to go forth and do more each day to improve their adoption rate is what inspires my work. Sometimes I am caring for a dog or cat when they are hurt, abandoned, or sick, but I am blessed to be with them when they reach their best.

    It is true what everyone says, that success does not arrive in a parcel overnight. True success and greatness comes from hard work and devotion over a long period of time. The reality of the matter is that we can choose to adopt the two pronged strategy of failure which involves giving up and allowing to decide what is best for us or we can believe in ourselves. It took a long time for me to become confident enough to embrace my individual talents, to start advocating for myself.

    And I could have just gone down the opposite road, to decide not to work and let others support me for life. I could have just sat a home and followed in the footsteps of several people who abused me in life, and become a tyrant. But I did not become a tyrant or an oppressor in any shape or form. I did the unthinkable and turned my abuse and fear into the fuel that I used to work tirelessly for animal and human rights.

    I know that it can be tantamount to falling off a cliff or going on a roller coaster to try new things, or to learn a new skill. Taking the extra leap of faith required to try something out of our comfort zone can be frightening for many. Most of the time no one is prepared for what life has to throw at us, and that is common. Sometimes just the thought of trying something new that we could fail at can be crippling to our self-confidence.

    Contrary to popular belief, fear is not a bad thing and is a normal human reaction to a tough transition in our lives. What determines what happens next when a situation instills fear into us is what we use that fear to help us accomplish. I remember having a chill down my spine very time I even thought of talking to my boss or the animal abusers, and it took many screw ups to get it right.

    It is no secret worth hiding that we have all been entered into a mandatory handicap match against overwhelming odds in one way or another. I am asking you not to give up, to continue the fight with confidence. Within each and every one of us, we can conjure the courage to harness our talents, enjoy life, and laugh a little. The goal is to learn how to dance in the rain so you can ride through any thunderstorm with the confidence that the light will shine in your direction soon.

    1. I saw this story and the punishment but failed to spot the religious connection which you saw. Thanks Sarah. I agree it is worth doing. Nice one.

  9. Have you seen this article –

    The thing is, I don’t believe it is vitiligo, I believe this is the karpati pattern – (the cat in the lovemeow article is almost identical to the Polish karpati pattern cat).

    Karpati is a colour mutation that produces white (or salt-and-pepper) points including white ears. It’s pretty common in the Carpathian area of Europe, in fact so common it has been ignored for ages. It is unfamiliar in Britain although a couple of cats with this pattern have turned up – one in Wales and the Panda Kitty in Romford. Its unfamiliarity here leads to it being misidentified as vitiligo/leukotrichia. It has probably come here with families who have moved here from the Carpathian region and brought their family cats with them.

    Karpati is now being introduced into the LaPerm breed. It shows up best on black cats, but karpati cats can be any colour with white points and often with salt-and-pepper pattern fur. Kittens are born paler and go through a salt-and-pepper darkening phase. Because it is temperature dependent, their final colour and markings will vary.

    On (which the lovemeow article includes as a link) I have compared karpati and vitiligo.

    1. Many thanks for this Sarah. Very interesting and definitely the subject matter of an article which I will try and do tomorrow. I hope you and yours are well.

  10. Dear Michael,
    I had just been doing a search for info on Matatabi and cat nip, which is how I found your site. (I had seen the matatabi “dental sticks” for cats, but I have always avoided catnip, for extra safety, and not liking how it seems to work like a human on drugs. I think I will hold back on the matatabi sticks as it is a form of catnip.)

    I ended up continuing to read article after article that you have written and posted. Thank you for the great work! I am quite impressed and would like to sign up for your email send outs if you have them. I did not find a sign-up link, so if you do have one, please include me. 🙂

    Tomorrow is my birthday, and each year, I request that my family come with me to a local shelter to spend time with animals, especially cats. We also bring small donations of money, food, material that they can use. I am looking forward to going to the MSPCA tomorrow in Boston, MA (USA), followed by Animal Rescue League in Boston on Saturday with family.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Hana. You are an animal advocate, I feel. I admire you for that. I very much like the way that you help out at the local shelter.

      I don’t send out email articles or newsletters. But you can subscribe. There is a button half way down the right hand column. Give it a try if you wish. You will then receive email notifications of new articles. Make sure that your email software does not filter the emails as spam. You can set that up in settings.

      Thanks for commenting Hana and good luck.

  11. Look at this kitty with a heart shaped nose! She needs to go viral like Peter in Flint, MI. She’s also in Michigan at the Midland Humane Society. Here is their info if you choose to write about her.

    Adorable Kate and her heart shaped nose are looking for a forever home! This sweet girl was suffering from a severe flea infestation when she arrived but is healing well. All cats/kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, fiv/felv tested, and microchipped.
    Adoption Fee: $25 through Dec. 31st!
    Photo Credit: Deb Lambesis

  12. Dear Colleague,
    I am Professor of Feline Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and I would like to ask you for a huge favour. I am writing a lecture on Feline Behaviour for an online Masters in animal behaviour and welfare. With your permission I would love to use your pictures of cat vision – they are perfect. I would of course give you full credit. Unfortunately I don’t have a Facebook account so could you reply by email: Da*****************
    Best wishes
    Danielle Gunn-Moore

    BSc(Hon), BVM&S, PhD, FHEA, MANZCVS, MRCVS, RCVS Specialist in Feline Medicine,
    Professor of Feline Medicine, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and The Roslin Institute, The University of Edinburgh, Easter Bush Campus, Roslin, EH25 9RG, Scotland
    Tel: 44 (0)131 650 7650 Fax: 44 (0)131 650 7652
    The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

    1. Hi Danielle. Thanks for visiting and asking. I am happy to agree to let you use the images comparing cat and human vision.

      You don’t refer to a specific page but presume you mean this page:

      Please confirm that this is the page and I’ll email you the two images. As you kindly state my permission is granted subject to a full credit being given. If your work is published online please ensure a link back to the page or the site is created within the credit. Thanks.

    1. Many thanks Sarah. Much appreciated. I am definitely interested and I’ll link back to your page. Hope you are well and your cats.

  13. Hello,

    I recently found this kitten. She ran into my arms and is the sweetest little thing. Can you tell me what she is though? I think maybe a torbie? Thanks

  14. Hi Michael, I have noticed a small brown speck in Tiger Lily’s right eye. It’s seems to have enlarged over the past few weeks. Only by a little but instead of decreasing I can see its bigger than before. I scoured the few close up photos I have of her eyes and it seems nothing was there before. I spend such a lot of time with her. I think It has suddenly appeared in her eye. As she doesn’t go outside I can rule out trauma, unless she did it by accident when I was out one day.
    Have you any experience or advise on this? I would like to take her to the vet for investigation but would be grateful for any info so I’m going with some knowledge of potential ailments. Many thanks to you Suzy

  15. michael broad

    i took my computer in to get it fixed but now i lost all my contacts and e-mails addresses i was wondering if you can once again give me the e-mail address to send you stories about my kitty koal i also had to change my e-mail address too which now you can e-mail me at da*********@gm***.com thank you michael and i hope you are doing well from darlene burrow

  16. Michael,

    I just read your article about “The Aussies are planning to spray a poisonous gel onto feral cats to kill them”.

    I am vehemently against this. I have posted my opposition to this on FB. So I support your opinion, as well.

    However, it bothers me when someone like you, who writes posts for public consumption, can’t spell properly and can’t form sentences.

    “the device picks reads the microchip”
    “A feral cat walks passed the device” (past)
    “The tricky bit it making the leap from theory to practice.”
    “It would tragic if.. ”
    “They’d be killed to.” (too)

    Perhaps “spell check” would help. But I’d suggest you re-take English 101.

    1. Sorry about that, I get tired and miss these. I have become word blind. I don’t make that many mistakes normally considering the amount of writing I do. I’ll amend it now.

  17. I have a Flamepoint Siamese, almost 13 yrs. He has had several ‘intermittent/ongoing issues (currently OK) ~ but, because of ‘side effects’, I chose to stop the eye drops knowing he will ultimately go blind. He is an inside cat. Is there Anything holistically that will help his eyesight?
    I have a few charts of how to help a cat holistically, but am an amateur trying to research how I can help him other than the regular vet. I have spent HOURS of research thru the internet. Over the last 2 years or so, it has cost me around $3,000, & currently I am only on S.S. ANY help/info you can share is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you! Susan T.

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for visiting and asking. I don’t know what is causing his blindness and you are resigned to him going blind. You know what condition he is suffering from. By ‘holistically’ I presume you mean alternative medicine such as acupuncture and homeopathy. I feel I can’t help because the condition seems to be serious and vets have dealt with it and further, alternative treatments would appear to be inadequate without knowing more.

      Can you tell me what is wrong with his eyes? Sorry my comment is so negative but I have to be realistic.

    2. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA

      Susan, I can appreciate your economic situation, as I’m in the same place.

      There are many details that you left out, and haven’t responded to Michael’s questions. In order to get help, you must be willing to provide more details, as you would do if you were to go to the doctor yourself.

      You may want to go online and find a holistic vet that may be able to help you via email. You will have to pay a fee, but it may provide the help you need.

      Financial assistance for animal care is available by searching online.

      You might also consider contacting a breeder of Flamepoint Siamese, and see what they recommend.
      I read that some Siamese cats may have “retinal degeneration”.

      I hope that you don’t give up if there’s a chance to help your cat.

    1. 🙂 Love that “kill mode’. Me too. Without a second thought. I’ll check out the page. Thanks Sarah. Hope and your family are well.

  18. An item of interest?


    In 1937, in British-ruled Kuwait, a restauranteur was accused of passing off cat’s meat as mutton. The restaurant owner was an immigrant Pashtun named Abdul Muttalib bin Mahin. His accuser was the local Mayor. Muttalib’s restaurant was closed down and he was arrested and imprisoned by the Town Lieutenant. This seemingly trivial incident, became a demonstration of colonial power in the region.

    Muttalib came from the borderlands between modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan and was therefore a British subject. Under a 1925 Colonial Order he was not bound by Kuwait’s local laws. Gerald de Gaury, the British agent in Kuwait, overrode the local ruler to dismiss the case against Muttalib. He summarised the incident in a memo to his superior, Trenchard Fowle who also wrote a memo about it (both now contained in India Office files at the British Library). I have added of annotations in square brackets for the benefit of the modern reader.

    [From] Political Agency, Kuwait.
    The 18th March 1937

    [To] Hon’ble Lt.-Colonel T.C. Fowle, C.B.E.
    Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, BUSHIRE.

    My dear Colonel,

    In the next day or two one Abdul Muttalib bin Mahin, a Pathan restaurant keeper hitherto resident here, leaves Kuwait. With is departure should end a case that at one time caused some anxiety. It began on the 11th January, on which date, returning late from tour in the hinterland, I found the Agency Head Clerk writing to tell me that Abdul Muttalib, a British subject, had, in my absence and contrary to the provisions of the Kuwait Order-in-Council been arrested by the local authorities. The charge was that of selling cat in his restaurant instead of mutton.

    I lost no time in securing his release. Half an hour after my arrival he was out of the Kuwait prison, and temporarily detained by me in the Agency. Early the next morning the Ruler called on me and apologised for the error in procedure. No one could have been blander. Just as he was leaving me he asked if he should send me a letter about it. I said, “No”, and that I quite understood the case; I would send to his Town Lieutenant for the witnesses and investigate. All seemed well.

    2. Later in the day, however, a letter came from the Shaikh laying out the evidence in an apparently ingenuous way; the final statement being that the Kuwait Watch had visited the man’s house and found a herd of eight fat cats there. The letter concluded with a request for the man’ deportation.

    3. His Excellency or his officers had thus in effect tried, and convicted the man and I was to be merely his executive official for the deportation. This would not do. I sent for the Shaikh’s Town Lieutenant and said that I should try the man the following day at 3 o’clock p.m. and requested the witnesses at that hour, handing him a letter to the Shaikh to the same effect. Having sometime previously observed an unusual number of cats in the Lieutenant’s own house, I sharply asked him how many he himself kept. Quailing he said, “About fourteen, with those in the harem” – as if the latter were inedible. He left apparently “as good as gold”. All seemed to be well.

    4. At this point His Excellency went off hawking for several days. At the time I thought it suspicious. I was right. At 2 p.m. the following day I was informed by the Town Lieutenant and the Shaikh’s Secretary that the witnesses in the case could not be produced at 3 p.m. without the Shaikh’s order – and the Shaikh was away. “We are so sorry”, they said.

    5. I told the Lieutenant and the Secretary confirming it in writing, that at 3 p.m. I should try the man in any case, as arranged. I could not keep him longer detained without at least an investigation. At 3 p.m. precisely, I had the man brought before me and in the absence of witnesses, dismissed the case; writing a note to the Ruler, politely but firmly requesting other arrangements in future when away. The next day the Shaikh informed me that all the witnesses had come at 3 p.m.; quite ignoring his Secretary’s refusal in any circumstances, and as late as 2 p.m. the day before, to send the witnesses in his absence. I wrote to him the facts.

    6. The town has meanwhile been divided into two parties, for and against Abdul Muttalib. I visited rather publicly the restaurant and equally publicly cut [snubbed] the Mayor who brought the case. The hint of action brought over the majority, ever anxious to be on the winning side, to Abdul Muttalib’s party. Fortunately, owing to his past charity [which demonstrated that he was a good Muslim], it included the Ulema [religious scholars]. Opinion being about equally divided and the Ulema and conservatives against them, the local authorities began to drop their interest in the case. Indeed there was nothing much now they could do except to be troublesome about delivering the key of the restaurant to the man. I soon obtained it for him.

    7. I should add that the American Mission [The Arabian Mission of the Reformed Church in America] had entered the case with their habitual elan. Dr. Mylrea [Charles Stanley Mylrea from the Mission’s hospital] analysed a hair found by the Mayor on a table in the restaurant, and certified it to be the same as that on a dead cat from a dustbin in the neighbourhood. In the absence of all other witnesses this evidence, to the chagrin of the Mission, held, I felt, no weight.

    8. Abdul Mutalib has decided that his business is bound to suffer from the accusation and is now winding up his affairs with a view to departure this week.

    9. Thus ends what was known while it last as the Kuwaiti Cat’s meat crisis, and which at one time threatened to be rather serious.

    10. As far as I can make out, the case arose through the ambitions of the Mayor to imitate his predecessor in acquiring a restaurant. He made the error of attacking a British subject because he thought foreingers [foreigners] easier game that Kuwaitis, and because the Ruler, having weakly concealed the provisions of the Kuwait Order-in-Council from most of his subjects, he did not realise that he would in the end encounter me. He was aided by Shaikh Abdulla Jabir, the Town Lieutenant, an ambitious, jealous man who plays on the Shaikh’s weakness, and who seems to be taking a rather more prominent role since his visit to Baghdad last Autumn.

    Yours sincerely
    [Gerald de Gawry’s signature]

    Upon receipt of de Gaury’s memo, Fowle reported (with dry wit) the incident to the British Government in India. While the modern reader might think de Gaury was personally sympathetic to Muttalib’s plight, he was, in fact, sending a strong message as to who really ruled their country. He was aware that many Kuwaiti subjects were ignorant of the extent to which the Kuwait Order-in-Council (a colonial power) violated their country’s sovereignty and the protection it gave to British subjects. Muttalib’s almost immediate release from prison and acquittal (with de Gaury as judge and jury) made it clear that British subjects, even those accused of a crime, were under British protection and could not be arrested or prosecuted by local (i.e. native) authorities. The Cat’s Meat Crisis demonstrated Britain’s dominant position in Kuwait at that time.

    [From]Office of the Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, Camp, Bahrain
    Dated the 5th May, 1937.

    [To]Major W.R. Hay, C.I.E.
    Deputy Secretary, External Affairs Department, Simla.

    The following incident which occurred some time ago at Kuwait, which was duly reported to me by de Gaury, and which can go down in history as “The Kuwait Cat’s-meat Crisis” has some rather unusual features, which may be of interest to put on record.

    2. One day when de Gaury returned from a tour in the hinterland, he found that Abdul Muttalib, a British subject, had, in his absence, and contrary to the provisions of the Kuwait Order in Council, been arrested by the local authorities, the charge being one of selling cat in his restaurant instead of mutton.

    3. de Gaury lost no time in securing Muttalib’s release and the next morning the Shaikh called on de Gaury and apologised for the error in procedure.

    4. Later in the day a letter was received from the Shaikh giving the evidence against Muttalib, the most serious item of which was that the Kuwait Watch had visited the man’s house and found there a herd (or covey, or whatever is the correct term) of eight fat cats. The letter concluded with a request for the man’s deportation.

    5. As de Gaury points out the Shaikh or his officers had in effect tried and convicted the man and he (de Gaury) was to be merely his executive official for the deportation. This of course de Gaury could not agree to. He sent for the Shaikh’s Town Lieutanent and informed him that he would try Muttalib the following day at 3 p.m. Under what section of the Indian Penal Code the man could be tried is a nice point. Possibly section 415 (cheating) might apply. Section 273 (noxious food) would hardly be applicable, since cats-meat, though not to everyone’s taste, cannot be held to be “unfit for food”.

    6. Before de Gaury’s interview with the Town Lieutenant closed, de Gaury having previously observed an unusual number of cats in the Lieutenant’s own house, scored a shrewd point by sharply asking him how many he kept himself. Qailing, [sic] the Lieutenant answered “about fourteen, with those in the haram [sic]”, and left hastily.

    7. The next move in the case was that the Shaikh went out hawking, and at 2 p.m. on the next day de Gaury was informed by the Town Lieutenant that the witnesses in the case could not be produced at 3 p.m. without the Shaikh’s orders, and the Shaikh was away. de Gaury quite correctly confirmed his previous message that he would try the man at 3 p.m., and at that hour had the man brought before him and – in the absence of witnesses – dismissed the case.

    8. The American Mission, for some obscure reason, took up the case with considerable elan. Dr. Mylrea playing the part of the local Sherlock Holmes, or rather Dr. Thorndyke, and – analysing a hair found on by the Town Lieutenant on a table in Muttalib’s restaurant – certified it to be the same as that of a dead cat in a dustbin in the neighbourhood. de Gaury correctly, to the chagrin of the Mission, decided that this evidence could not hold weight.

    9. The Town had meanwhile been divided into two parties – for and against Abdul Muttalib. In favour of Muttalib were the Ulema, owing to his past charity, and the local authorities gradually dropped their interests in the case.

    10. The affair was apparently engineered by the Mayor of Kuwait who, wishing in his private capacity to set up as a restaurant keeper, proceeded to sweep a possible rival from his path by spreading the base calumnies already referred to. It would not seem improbable that the Mayor had as his confederate in this sinister affair no less a personage that the Town Lieutenant, whose attitude throughout was certainly open to suspicion. He admitted, for instance, the possession of no less than fourteen cats, surely a large number for a single household, even including the quarters for his wives, and with these as ‘capital’ the Mayor and himself could doubtless have started a flourishing business in the restaurant line.

    11. Muttalib himself although officially cleared decided that his business was bound to suffer from the base accusations which had been made against it, wound up his affairs and departed from Kuwait, whether with or without his eight cats is not known.

    I am sending a copy of this letter to Clauson and Stewart.

    [Lt.-Colonel T.C. Fowle]

  19. Hi Michael, how do I select an image to my name so I don’t have a blank box? Sorry to ask and it not be directly about cats or your wonderful site. Many thanks

      1. Thank you Michael, I’m pleased to see my precious Tiger Lily is now there instead of the blank box, success! Very easy to follow instructions I must say.
        I’m sorry to ask your help again but I wanted to post a topic/discussion about the bad experience we’ve just had regarding using spot-on for fleas and tick treatment, to inform others and also seek advice. Or if there are any other peoples suggestions on this terrible stuff. Thanks in advance, Suzy.

        1. Hi Suzy, I’d like to read what you wish to say so all you have to do is to write a long comment on any page and I’ll convert it into an article. I pick up all comments so I’ll see yours and know it needs to be converted to an article.

          I am pleased you have an avatar. You can change it whenever you wish. You are not confined to using the first one you upload. I have changed mine several times.

              1. Thanks Suzy, I’ll publish your article today in about 2-4 hours time. Thanks. I hope we can get some good comments too.

  20. Dear Partner,

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        1. Stephanie. Can we do a deal? If you send me one, I’ll write another article or two about the product and no doubt it will feature in some videos of mine or photos. In other words I’ll do a follow up review and keep pushing it.

  21. Hi,

    In June ( you were writing about our state of the art Automatic Wi-Fi pet Feeder, when we were in Kickstarter. You might want to update your readers that now we are in Indiegogo and already 22% on the track to our goal!

    By the way – it’s not only fashion toy to play, but also very reliable patent pending non jamming food delivery technology – a lady working with veteran dogs reached out to us and said that it would be huge help and we just donated one for war veteran Eric Lund (he lost both his hands in Afghanistan war… ) and his lovely Lady:

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  22. I recently changed from kibble to raw food with a supplement for my cat because of her diarrhea, which she has had since I’ve had her. (she had been dumped and I suspect this may be the reason why) She weighs 8-10 pounds and according to what I’ve seen she should get 3oz of raw food daily. She acts like she’s starving all the time or is always looking for the next meal.
    I’ve tried giving her a bit of canned food for a snack but it seems to cause diarrhea again. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. The catinfo website (run by a vet) says about 5.5 ounces of wet for an adult cat. The amount varies amongst cats because of different metabolic rates and activity levels. You’ll have to work out the calorie content of your raw diet (which I presume has cured her diarrhoea – please confirm that).

      But….a adult cat needs about 30-35 calories per pound of body weight per day so a 10 pound needs 300-350 cals. Inactive cats need less of course.

      I’ll try and do and article today on this subject. I sense that your cat is slightly underfed and if the raw diet is good I’d just give her more. I presume you have checked out all the usual causes of diarrhea.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply. The raw food diet HAS cured the diarrhea. Although, sometimes it reappears when I supplement with some canned food.
        I will increase her portions to 10 ounces per day, splitting it to 5 oz. twice a day. If I can find a canned natural food with no additives I will supplement some with that. This raw food diet can be very expensive.I also give her Kitty Bloom dietary supplement.
        Thank you again!

    2. I have reviewed what I wrote. Wet cat food for adult cat should be around 10 oz per day (the manufacturer states that). That reinforces my view that you should feed more: at least 5 oz but I agree that raw food is more dense so less will do I guess.

      1. I’m a believer in feed on demand unless the cat is overweight.
        If a cat makes it clear that they are hungry, feed.

  23. Hello,

    Got your email. Sorry I haven’t gotten you the article I promised on the oldest cat. I in switching to Windows a lot of stuff got lost, messed up and I’m unable to find the article. Note: Windows 8 sucks.

    Between health problems, having too much to and trying to recover from what I did, I haven’t had time to re-do it; will try soon.
    PS…we have a president here who thinks he is royalty, would you folks there take him; I can raise some money to pay you for this.

    1. Bob, you just take care of yourself. Don’t bother if it is too much.

      You say you have a “president” I guess you mean “resident” cat. Is that correct? Quite a few of us live outside of the USA so couldn’t help but someone might pick it up. If you have time and energy you could write a few words in a comment about this cat and upload a photo to the comment (see controls below comment box) and I’ll make it a page. That will increase the publicity level.

  24. We saved a brother and sister from certain doom. They were kittens when we brought them home and now about 12 weeks I believe. The male “Hemingway” (name appropriate) is a polydactyly and is very long with stripes and spots with very large dark eyes. “Julliette” is smaller but long with stripes and more defined spots, lighter green eyes not polydactyly. They are very high energy cats though relaxing in the photo, and very strong and nimble. We love them a lot and was just curious what they were. I have had many cats but none with these frames or colors.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Marshall. Hemingway and Julliette are the finest quality (in terms of coat) grey spotted tabby and white (a little bit) random bred cats. Sometimes you get very high quality, meaning strong contrast and well defined markings, tabby cats amongst the huge of pool of random bred cats. Your two are good examples. They are special because most tabbies have rather indistinct markings. The markings of Hemingway and Julliette are similar to those on Bengal cats but in my opinion they are probably (almost certainly, I’d say) not Bengal cats. Thanks for visiting, asking and showing us your lovely cats.

  25. My 7 year old female cat has been throwing up and getting very skinny for a couple months.she was still eating and playing,now she won’t eat and is throwing up white foam and feels like she has a lump on the left side of her stomach,what is wrong with her?

    1. Hi Tom, there is no doubt in my mind that your cat is very very ill and needs to see a vet. It may not be possible to save her.

      This page:

      May assist you but you’ll have to take her to a vet anyway so there is not much point in trying to diagnose the cause yourself. Looks like abdominal cancer or enteritis or large obstruction. Is she constipated too? Get her to a vet please, Tom.

      1. I wish I could Say you were wrong but she passed at 6:15 am that morning,I had an appointment with a vet at 8 am that morning!

  26. Having more than one cat in the city is cruel: Researcher calls for one-per-household policy to cut feline population in urban areas

    Expert gives advice after studying differences between town and farm cats
    And she urges cat owners to allow their pets to ‘jump on mantelpieces’
    Farm cats roam further and for longer than cats in the city, she finds

    A few good points (especially about resting high up, and places to hide), but misses one crucial fact – it depends on the cats and the space available for them to have their own core territories as well as communal areas.

  27. Hi Michael. Glad to inform you that Mumbai will be having its first “CAT SHOW” on the 27th and 28th of September under the banner of the “INDIAN CAT FEDERATION”. You and me were indirectly instrumental in developing awareness of formation of a “Cat Club” in India through “BLOGS”. Thankfully a hypothesis has become a fact and there is going to be a “CAT SHOW” in Mumbai city for the first time in its history of “PET SHOWS”. Previously it was all about dogs.The cat show venue is close to my residence but sadly i can’t show any of my 2 cats.”Matahari” is recovering from a infection and tomcat “Matata” is wild in habits, shy and afraid of strangers.Spoke over the phone to the Organizer Mr Shree.Nair.Will be attending the show. Here is the link :-

  28. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer

    we are also a natural breed. we were discovered randomly as a chance mutation in a two litters of barn cats in different parts of the country AT THE SAME TIME. $30,000 has been spent on veterinary testing to insure that we were a solidly healthy breed and all tests came back passing with flying colors. very exciting.

  29. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer

    I noticed that you do not have any pictures of the newest and rarest preliminary new breed to be accepted by t.i.c.a., the Lykoi cat (aka werewolf cat). The lykoi is an unusual, partially hairless cat- having no undercoat and only the outer layer of hair, and is the only cat in history to have the roan colored hair pattern. We would love to see one on your list as you are quite respected in the internet cat community. Thanks!

  30. This is little hatchie, she has 8 working toes on each of the front paws , 5 on each back paw,,the digits are all perfect and have working claws,,except for the dew claws,, 26 total ,,, she was rescued off the side of the highway walking on the hatchie river bridge near henning tn,,,she also has a seemingly longer tale than our othe cats maybe 1″ or so,,, she is around 4 months old

    1. Hi Laly. Thanks for visiting. I’ll be bold and say you have a cat that is very similar to the Chartreux but not quite right in terms of conformation. Two other grey breeds are a possibility: Korat, Russian Blue are not quite the same. The nearest match on appearance is the Chartreux but this is a rare cat and I’d say your very attractive cat is a random bred cat – all grey, which is a very popular coat type. Based on appearance alone and without more info I have to decide on random bred. But if you adopted your cat from someone who knew a cat breeder I could more confidently say the cat is purebred but perhaps unregistered. Purebreds in the US are registered with a cat association and have a pedigree. Take care and thanks again.

      1. I found a kitten 5 months ago and the only thing I know is that he is called Cissie 🙁 He is a very lovely and friendly.Once again thank you Michael 🙂

      2. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer

        This cat looks exactly like the very rare NEBELUNG cat. It is a purebred that is in high demand among the wealthy and is very expensive. It was developed in an effort to create a long-haired version of the Russian Blue.

          1. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer

            I didn’t say the lykoi looks like a nebelung. I was commenting on the picture the person posted asking what kind of cat it might be. I don’t know if my comment was posted in the wrong place or what, but I never said the lykoi looked like a nebelung, that would be ridiculous, and you lost your credibility with me when you prejudged my breed (the lykoi) without ever having met one, and because you jumped to the judgemental conclusion that we were after money as a motivation, and because you said you thought we might be lying and the cat was really a hybrid instead of a natural breed. I attempted to respond about the lykoi in a polite way, (unlike you and your rude and judgemental suppositions). My comment about the nebelung was to be posted under the pic of the longhaired blue cat the person was inquiring about. I am a breed historian with 30 years of experience in pedigree cats and animal husbandry in general. I also have devoted my life to rescue and shelter work finding homes for unwanted pets. It is easy to sit behind a keyboard and make rude assumptions and nasty comments about people you have never met and know nothing about. I only wish you were more honest and accurate in your rantings on this page. People like you cause division and strife in the cat fancy and this tends to isolate and put off those of us who believe in rescue AND purebred causes. If you would take a gentler stance and withhold judgement until you actually studied something and met the people and animals involved, you would make more friends and have fewer of us laughing at your supposed “credibility”.

            1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

              Reverend I just want to tell you that Michael has many friends and loyal followers of his wonderful website and he has all the credibility he needs!
              I am shocked that a ‘man of God’ would attack Michael who does so much good for cats worldwide, shocked that you have made nasty comments. They will not make YOU any friends here, that’s for sure!

            2. OK, my apologies. I respond to comments at the admin part of the site and therefore the thread is not always clear. I am now on the site itself and see what you were referring to.

              I also get lots of spammy comments which affect my judgement.

              Thanks for visiting anyway and posting.

              1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

                Mistake by you or not, there was no need to attack you in that nasty way! Some people are too quick to jump to conclusions and don’t even give others the chance to explain.
                I was shocked a Reverend would comment like that 🙁

            3. Reverend. I made a mistake and I apologize. These things happen. I don’t feel I am judgmental. I try and be very fair. I have met a lot of breeders in the USA and I think the pages I have written about the breeds are very fair and detailed. If you’d like to start again that would be nice.

              Ruth is a great friend and she supports me in a most beautiful way. I don’t deserve it 😉

              1. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer

                Well, as for her opinions regarding my “ATTACK” of you, they are incorrect. I agree, if a man of God made such statements blindly it would be rude an uncalled for. However, I was doing no such thing. I was responding to YOUR rude and presumptuously judgmental comments on your page/article about my breed, the lykoi. I only put them here because you (the person who designed and runs this website), wrongly responded to my polite answer to a nice question- by answering it meanly, and in a way that completely misquoted me, (which you later admitted). If that exemplifies the usual manner in which you manage this site you should reconsider whether “credibility” is something you want to attack in others. You also made your rude assumptions about lykoi breeders being “motivated by money”, and “lying about it being a natural breed when you suspected it to be a hybrid”, without contacting a single lykoi breeder in an attempt to find answers to your assumptions- even though the page you gathered your information from gives the names and contact info for four lykoi breeders. If that is your usual method of investigative reporting, then you do your readers whom you claim to want to educate, and by extension, their cats, a terrible disservice. My actions and words up to the point of you at tacking my credibility on this page were honorable and well informed. My reaction thereafter contained no sin or false information, and only impugned actions you have since admitted to. So, I see no reason for “shock and awe” that a BIG BAD MINISTER would point out FACTUAL wrongdoing on your part, and demonstrating the reasonable nature of his offense by using nothing but provable fact to defend against your sheer assumptions. Ministers are people too, and we have a right to get angry- PARTICULARLY when our credibility is attacked by persons who have exercised no credibility themselves whilst reaching their wrong conclusions. Then you admitted your wrong, and invited me to “start over”, but only after you made it clear in your response to your friend that you agree with her that you are shocked a minister would be offended by someone who himself admits to making a false and wrong assessment of his his credibility- doing so publicly. You must understand my reasons: 1. Yours is a popular and highly trafficked website. Anytime a person looks on the web for a pic of any breed- inevitably their search engine will offer a link to your site. Over the course of a year multiple thousands will visit your site, and in typical american fashion, ASSUME you have done your homework- and your statements are fact. You need only look at the comments following your misinformed lykoi article to see that readers believed you and responded with even more negativity spawned in ignorance of facts. 2. Responsible and ethical breeders should not just exist to make more kittens, but to be ambassadors for their breed, making sure truth (good or bad) is propagated about their animals so that every buyer is an informed buyer- so that by extension, fewer cats end up abandoned by frustrated owners ignorant of all their breed’s good, bad, or ugly qualities. I have a responsibility to be honest, promote honesty, and correct falsehood concerning my breed. I owe it to them and their future progeny. 3. I like this website. I don’t always agree with you- but your words and pics here prove beyond doubt that you are a cat lover who is doing this to promote cats as the awesome pets they are, and to help people select breeds with Care and forethought, and to never forget to prioritize their cat loving by remembering and helping homeless cats on the streets, in shelters, or in rescues. This is why I was all the more upset. An informed cat lover should have applied more studious and fair assessment of lykoi by actually seeing one in person or interviewing a breeder to answer some of his concerns about methods and motivations. Your concerns were valid and noble, but were not dealt with or reported in an honest and honorable fashion. Your popularity places a great responsibility in your lap, and I merely thought you handled that responsibility poorly in reporting on my breed, and in your wrong and mean response to my answer to the nebelung question. So yes, I would like to start over, and if you can specifically point to anywhere in our dialogue where I have spoken unfairly- considering the known facts, or where you took right action, and I took wrong, I would like to know so that I may apologize. I seek nothing but to do what is best for my cats and cats in general, and despite our argument, I believe you seek the same- but if that is our goal we must tread cautiously and take our roles; mine as breeder, yours as respected reporter and cat enthusiast/cat welfare activist very seriously!

              2. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer

                I am posting this after having posted the longer reply to the same comment. After consideration and prayer, I wish to voluntarily withdraw and apologize for one statement I made that served no purpose in it’s inclusion other to retaliate with the same meanness I felt was used against me, and thus was sinful in that it violated the scriptural command not to “repay evil with evil”. That would be the statement in my initial reply that we were “laughing at your supposed credibility”. It was a mean retaliation born in pride at having been wronged. I stand by the rest though.

                1. Thanks for that. Appreciated. I simply made a mistake when I questioned your credibility. I have apologised. One problem I have running the site is time. I have to work fast, sometimes too fast so the odd mistake can be made despite my best efforts. In this case I did not see the entire comment thread so misconstrued it.

            4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

              ‘I attempted to respond about the lykoi in a polite way, (unlike you and your rude and judgemental suppositions)’
              ‘I only wish you were more honest and accurate in your rantings on this page’
              ‘You would make more friends and have fewer of us laughing at your supposed “credibility”‘

              If not an attack, then surely sarcasm, or an attempt to feel superior over Michael! I find YOUR rantings and bragging about your knowledge distasteful.
              Here is a man caring about cats worldwide, donating money to many needy cats and cat charities and he deserves respect. I will ALWAYS stand up for him and I couldn’t give a toss about your opinion of me Reverend.
              By the way I do have a name and it is not ‘her’

        1. I tried on different sites to clarification breed of my kitten, basically I answered that it nebelung. I cant find a contact with a professional on this breed, can you tell me who can help me on this issue?

          1. Rev. Clinton Nusbaumer

            I don’t know any breeders of this breed personally, but if you contact The International Cat Association, they may be able to put you in contact with breeders or owners/enthusiasts who can help you. Their website is

        2. The Nebelung is the long haired variant of the Russian Blue and they have vivid green eyes.

          I agree with Michael that Ialy’s beautiful cat is a random bred one.

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