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This page also contains links to some interesting maps that deal with cat rescue, cat boarding and Bengal tiger reserves. As there are a lot of visitor stories and articles on the site I have included links to these while not forgetting Elisa Black-Taylor who has written many articles mainly on cat rescue.

In addition to the pages below I have:

  1. a large page on cat facts and opinion and a larger page on:
  2. the animal welfare laws of a number of countries for comparison. It is quite revealing.
  3. Cat Facts – a lot of fact and opinion as it happens. It can be hard to differentiate the two.
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Declawing cats Visitors’ articles (223) Declaw posters
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*Audio specials*: 3 month old jaguarundi’s fighting over food, 10 week old jaguarundi’s fight over food and hungry 4 week old caracal kitten (recorded by Balazs Buzas). Hear some wild cat sounds.


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    • Richard, thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing the picture and perhaps you could provide some more detail as this is interesting in terms of the presence of ocelots in the US.

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