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Marc donates £400 to Cats Protection, Wear Valley & Darlington — 24 Comments

  1. I was so happy to return to these beloved pages and find this posting in my mailbox. I read the newspage on Marc’s latest generous act of love, and my exhaustion turned in to serenity and warmth. He truly is beautiful, isn’t he? The cat community, we, are all blessed to have him as part of our lives. Thank you, Marc, you bring tears to my eyes!

  2. My goodness!!!! How marvelous for dear Marion ! What a wonderful donation and memorium for Mitsi! You are outstanding Marc!!! I’m sure all those cats and Marion are just totally over joyed !!! Am sure it came at a much needed time as well!! Not often enough do we see this kind of generosity and
    selfless act of kindness and caring ! Amazing and touching. Reinstates my feelings in humans somewhat . And Michael doubling a contribution is down right stunning!!! Wonderful men ,both! I have not heard from any one as far as Vincent goes . Have had a few questions , but no sure leads. Emailed a bunch of shelters in Louisiana , no replies yet . Still working it , mayhap we’ll catch a good line this week!

  3. Praying for a Christmas miracle for Vincent, it would be lovely to think of him in a new, safe home for Christmas. POC does so much good, we have achieved all sorts of wonderful things between us.

  4. I feel a little like I’m in a thrill ride. Such good things on a roll.
    The positive energy is electrifying. I feel positive about Conner too. Vincent needs to go home for Christmas.

    • Me too Dee!
      I do hope you are right about Vincent, to be in a Shelter all this time is just so sad and it was like a miracle to read that Connor wants to adopt him.
      If this happens it will be all down to Michael PoC posting the article I wrote years ago!

  5. FABULOUS news that Marc’s generosity is being known and showing everyone what a great person he is and now your generosity too Micheal DOUBLING the next donation WOW
    Did I see on another page it would go to Vincent if Connor manages to adopt him just think he will need to see a good vet to help his weight problem and see if his poor paws can be helped and that will cost money and I wonder if Dr Conrad of the Paw Project knows of a doctor near Connor who could help him.
    I can’t stop thinking and wondering if it will happen.
    BTW love the poster Ruth,Marc so well deserves.

    • Thanks Rose 🙂 …and Michael doubling is amazing news, yay. As for poor little Vincent, I am willing to pay to help get Vincent out of there. Just say the word. I would be really happy to help get him out of there. I hope its going to be ok. I would be happy to pay for a vet appointment and checkup too..

    • If Connor manages to adopt Vincent – it really happens – and if I can get the money to the US (that can be tricky funnily enough unless there is PayPal, then we can donate the Nov PoC comment donation to Connor provided he wants it. It would be very well deserved and well targeted.

  6. Marc is one of a rare breed of genuine, caring, kind gentle men, there are not many of them but I think Michael also fits the bill. People like this make life worth living when all around you seems to be greed and selfishness. Many, many thanks to Marc for his generosity, I wish I lived near enough to shake his hand (or give him a big hug.) The magical season of Christmas seems to have begun already.

    • Thank you Babs – well you and Ruth inspire me to help you know – I think its great that you do those charity sales and help in many ways – it is what I would want to be doing if there was a need for it here. The only way I can help is this way but the hours you and Ruth spend helping is second to none.

      • Thanks Marc. We tried to get a stall for CP at the local Christmas procession and Fayre here in a fortnight’s time but they’d all been taken, we missed out on some fund raising there 🙁 🙁
        but your donation has more than made up for what we could have made in two hours. We are disappointed of course, we’d have loved to don our ears and tails again and could have took pics for a PoC article.

  7. Marc is a very generous man and a true cat lover. I don’t know anyone else apart from Marc and also Michael of PoC, who give donations for needy cats in other countries to where they live.
    How I agree with Dorothy too about Marc’s wonderful comments.
    THANK YOU Marc from all the cats you help x

    • Ruth, the opportunity presented itself to use your lovely poster. The news was too important for PoC to ignore it. I hope Marc is OK with this page. He’s a fine cat supporter and a huge asset to PoC.

      He has inspired me to double this month’s donations from PoC. What ever the figure comes to I’ll double it.

      • Yes Marc’s generosity is too important to be ignored and now having inspired you to double the month’s donation is just wonderful!
        All we need now is the good news that Vincent is being released from his prison sentence to be adopted by Connor and I truly will believe in miracles!
        It’s been a bad time lately with horrible things happening to some cats but these good things remind us that there are more good people than bad in the world and that many good people are united here on PoC to fight those who abuse cats (and any other animal) and to hope that Karma does exist.

  8. Marc is a hero among cat lovers. I hope he can feel the appreciation from the internet, but also through the airwaves. You have taught us how to be better cat owners through your comments and openness. Thank you Marc.

      • We are all so proud to have you as part of our little family at PoC, Marc! Perhaps your donation will motivate others to help cats in need as they are able. It’s amazing how small the world seems because of the Internet. You can reach out and help people a world away, whereas before you would not have even known about them. It makes me wish again that we could all be together in real life somehow, with our cats too.

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