Marinette County highway worker sees domestic cat “fall out of moving truck”. Can you ID the truck?

The title comes from Fox 11 News. No doubt the author is being very cautious about making allegations of cat abuse because you don’t see cats ‘falling out’ of trucks. You only see cats being thrown out of trucks or surreptitiously pushed out of them. And that is the true allegation in this instance. The police are investigating after a highway worker saw a cat exiting a moving truck.

Cat allegedly pushed or thrown  out of moving truck
Cat allegedly pushed or thrown out of moving truck
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The highway worker employee said that the truck was driving south on Highway 41 near the Schacht Road exit around 10 a.m. on Monday last. The truck never stopped after the cat exited the window. The image shows the truck outside Seguin’s House of Cheese which is great because it allows me to pinpoint the location on Highway 41. Were they customers of the House of Cheese?

The cat is a two-year-old grey and was injured. Treatment was and is being administered at the Countryside Veterinary Clinic. If you have information please call Marinette County Sheriff’s Office to dispatch at (715) 732-7627 or Crimestoppers.

Below is the Facebook post. There are some interesting comments on Facebook in attempts to identify the truck. One person, Jason Henry, said that it looks like a 2006 to 2008 Dodge Ram. He said that it looks like the grill is broken or blacked out or it has a black cover on it. It’s impossible to read the number plate.

Interesting, for me, is the fact that the image has a fine grid over it. I have no idea why this is. It certainly makes it harder to read the image. Another commentor said that the truck is a Ford, an F250 4×4. The truck needs to be identified in order to identify the owner of it because it looks like this is a case of cat dumping through a vehicle window which is sadly not uncommon. It is crime. If this is a crime (and really looks like it) it would be wonderful to catch the person and see him successfully prosecuted.


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