Marley My LaPerm Cat

by Gillian

I have a LaPerm called Marley, he is beige/cream coat with ginger ears and top of head. He is a rescue cat who is aged 7 now. He loves to be with people and he follows me everywhere.

He is very very affectionate and gentle and does not claw furniture. Although, I am not too sure about him going outdoors, because he runs in every two minutes or so!

He is long haired. It is wavy on the body and curly under the neck and on the legs.

I had never heard of these cats, and I have had cats all my life, at least 11.

Apart from my “baby”, my ginger Oliver (now sadly departed) this is the most loving cat of all.

He is so gentle, nothing about him has any fault.


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Marley My LaPerm Cat

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Mar 23, 2010
How Aquired?
by: MichaelGillian, is Marley a purebred LaPerm? For such a fine cat it seems strange that he had to be rescued.

This, though is not that uncommon.

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