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Marmite Advert: Distasteful Animal Rescue Parody? — 12 Comments

  1. I have no idea what Marmite is. I’m guessing that it may be some sort of marmalade. In any case, I also find it disgraceful that Unilever would draw any comparison between a product gone bad to something as serious as animal neglect and abuse.

  2. I don’t like that at all, to me it’s taking the serious subject of animal rescue and using it to catch the public eye in a mocking way, a lot of people watch this sort of animal rescue programme on TV so will I suppose watch spellbound to see what happens as the ad rolls out, well the first time anyway, I sat through most of it once and if I saw it again I think I’d do serious damage to my monitor or TV because it makes me angry. I used to like Marmite on Cream Crackers when I was in my late teens but haven’t had it for years and have no intentions of putting money into Unilever or whoever profits from it in England. The only plus for Marmite is that it is vegetarian (and some say vegan) friendly

  3. Well who can wonder that Unilever make an advert like this when they test on animals!
    They care nothing for animals only for the profits they will make selling their products to people who don’t give a thought to the suffering caused.
    Obviously someone with a sick mind thought up this parody of the RSPCA investigating cruelty cases, it’s disgusting and wrong and anyone who cares about animals should boycott Unilever and buy alternatives made by kind firms instead, there are plenty nowadays.

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