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Married couple barred from their own home by their cat! — 6 Comments

  1. I blame the owners, they clearly know little about cats or have a bad relationship with their one.

    Even the 911 call handler sounded bemused at a grown man being kept out of his home by his own cat and expecting the police to remove her for him. (No mention by Mr. Lokman of what the police were then expected to do with the cat.)

    I agree with others, it’s very unusual for a young and healthy cat to give birth to just one kitten. I do hope that they took her to a vet for a health check just to be on the safe side.

  2. May be just me, but I can’t understand why any human wouldn’t be able to subdue a domesticated cat. And, too the extent that they had to call the law shows me that they need to rehome the poor girl. It would be laughable if not so sad.

  3. Eva brought up an idea that makes a lot of sense. Since the cat only had one kitten, it is possible that others were inside, possibly dead, and causing her pain and discomfort. From what is written though, I would lean towards an unpleasant relationship with her humans. They sound like they have no business with cats, especially if they are afraid of her. When my cats ever got enraged like this, I would take a light-weight towel, shirt, washcloth, etc. and gently place it over their head. They almost immediately calmed down without doing too much damage to my skin. Once calm, we worked out whatever set them off.

  4. If the human in this story whom is owned by this cat _ had a more nurturing relationship and a peaceful environment, Then it seems the mother cat would have not attacked them not matter the situation.

    Of course we can not rule out illness or injury of an unknown origin? In light of the fact that he was not in tune with his pet. A cat does hide pain from illness, injury and sometimes [Abuse].
    This would be one concrete explanation for the cats hostility?

    So,I will go a bit over the line in this case to say that this cat may have been abused by the person in question. You read that right_I am not blaming the animal. Eva

  5. That was pathetic and ridiculous. You’re right, Michael, there had to be a reason why that mom cat decided to defend herself and her babies. I’ve lived with female cats and their kittens and the mommas never attacked me. I don’t like these stories either. There’s always more going on, and it’s usually due to the thick-headed humans involved.

    Last year whenever I sat and watched tv Samirah would always try to chase me out of the living room when she was rageful. I figured if I left she would get the wrong idea, so I used a hint from Jackson Galaxy: put a barrier between yourself and the cat, something like a sturdy piece of cardboard to protect your legs. I used the clear blue lid from an underbed storage container. That might not have been the best thing, because Samirah couldn’t understand why she could still see my legs but she couldn’t touch me. That made her even more angry. She tried going around the lid to get at me, but all I had to do was move it so it was still between us. After a while she’d duck back into her kitty condo and sit there glaring at me. I always told her to back off in a firm, clear voice but I never hit her with the lid.

  6. Michael, I so agree with you!! and, yes, these *people* (I use the term VERY loosely) are pathetic!!!!!!!!! I agree that this “mom” and her baby are not in an ideal situation to begin with also. . . very sad. . . I can understand a mom cat wanting to protect her offspring — that is VERY natural if the anipal feels threatened in ANY way — which obviously this cat does. . . (excuse my language) ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!

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