Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control and a passing motorist rescue terrified cat from top of Palm City Bridge

A terrified cat who was just inches from falling from the top of Palm City Bridge was rescued this morning by Martin County Sheriff’s Office (Florida), Animal Control and a passing motorist.

cat on bridge

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Martin County Sheriff’s Office posted details of the rescue on their Facebook page Friday afternoon.

“This morning passing motorists got to watch the unusual rescue of a cat just inches away from falling from the top of the Palm City Bridge. The scared animal somehow maneuvered to the outside section of the bridge and was unable to make it back to a safe position.

cat rescued from bridge

The animal was clinging to the stone barrier when a passing motorist stopped to help. That prompted a chain reaction of concerned passer-byes anxious that the cat was going over.

cat on the bridge

In the line of traffic was Warrants Detective Jake Sirmans, who got out to assist. Detective Sirmans immediately utilized some of his stealth take down maneuvers—while Animal Control Officer Shannon McGee assisted. The team managed to calm the cat long enough to grab him just as he began to slip off the side.

cat safe on bridge

Once in protective custody- he was transported to the Humane Society where he will be evaluated and more than likely placed up for adoption.”

According to a report by The Miami Herald, those stuck in the traffic jam were very confused as to what was occurring since there was no sign of a wreck. Most were appreciative to those who put themselves into a dangerous situation to rescue this poor kitty.

Photos courtesy Martin County Sheriff’s Officer. Sources 1 and 2

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