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  1. In my opinion, Maru is probably the most well known cat in the world. He is certainly a huge favorite of cat lovers everywhere. Here is another fact you may not know about Maru, the term ‘Box-hab’ was coined because of him. The lady from Cute Overload used it first, as in “Maru needs box-hab” because he loves to sit in boxes. One of my favorite videos with Maru has him climbing a ladder. Hilarious kitty. He has a little sister named Hana. Mugamugo has never shown her face that I’ve seen but I do recall seeing a reflection once.

    • I agree, Maru is the best celeb cat because he is genuinely amusing and the whole publicity thing is done gently and it feels natural and unforced. Maru is having a good time as well as us, the viewers. Thanks, Dan, for that that snippet of information about box-hab. I like that. I might do something on that.

  2. I knew Maru’s owner was female. Don’t remember how, but I knew. Maru is definitely not exploited. I love Maru’s videos — quite funny!! Maru also has a playmate — Hana. The two of them in videos is even more entertaining. She takes great care of her babies. I get the impression that she is single, and her 2 kitties are her housemates.Nice article!! ♥♥♥

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