Maru Look-alike?

Maru Look-alike?

by karen

My Ralphie J

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My Ralphie J

My Ralphie J Ralphie & Kira

A friend just had me look at U-Tube videos of the "famous" Maru. The one in the Fresh-Step commercial. They claim he is a Sottish Fold. I took in the stray I named "Ralphie" this summer and one other who seemed to be his shadow ("Kira").

This is one of Maru's videos:

Ralphie's markings are almost identical to Maru's except Ralphie has less white on his face. Just a little around his whiskers. Otherwise his markings and coloring are identical.

Neither Maru nor Ralphie have folded ears. I doubt my stray had any breeding other than the "neighborhood" kind.

So my question: are either of them truly Scottish Folds or is this just a huge coincidence that their markings are the same-right down to the lighter brown fur on his underside?


Hi Karen.... thanks for visiting and asking. Sorry for the delay in publishing.

I don't know who said Maru is a Scottish Fold but if it was the person who lives with Maru then he or she probably is the owner (or knows the owner) who will have a history or pedigree that will confirm this.

Because of health problems (e.g. vertebral deformities) associated with the gene that produces the folded ears, breeders have to cross breed this cat with non-Scottish Fold cats (outcross) such as the American Shorthair and British Shorthairs. In fact if a Scottish Fold is homozygous for the mutated gene that produces the folded ears the kitten dies in the womb.

Because of this form of breeding half of a Scottish Fold litter do not have folded ears so it is possible to have a purebred Scottish Fold with ears that are not folded.

As to your gorgeous tabby and white cat, Ralphie, unless you have a pedigree or documentation to say that he is a Scottish Fold, then he will be a random bred cat, sometimes called "mixed breed" cat. See: What Breed is My Cat?

The markings and patterns are very similar as you say. This is because it is a classic (blotched) tabby pattern with white. This pattern is found on certain purebred cats where allowed under the breed standard and on many non-purebred cats too.

It is coincidence that both Maru and Ralphie have similar patterns but this pattern is what might be called common. Although the pattern varies substantially and in this case is particularly attractive.

Hope this answers your question.


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Jan 07, 2011
Thank you!
by: karen

The pictures of all the cats are just beautiful! So many patterns and types and every cat has a different personality just like humans do.I've never had a purebred.There are plenty to be found at the local humane society,or just wandering homeless and looking for loving.I have a third cat also.He's about 8 yrs old now.I got him because his owner opted for a bulldog puppy and Smokey needed a good home.He told me Smoke was part Russian Blue,but after looking at pictures here I find that unlikely.He looks more like a British shorthair.He's gray,but he glows silver in the sunlight,and Oh-so-sweet!He's about 18 lbs and stocky.Shy but smart.I only have to whisper "treat" and no matter where he is he comes a runnin!He comes by many names:Smoke, Fat-Boy, Fuzz-Butt, Large Puma.And he loves to have his tail pulled!But he's not a lap-cat.He prefers to have all four on the floor-or bed.I wish I had put up his picture also.He deserves a spotlight too!And I never declaw my kitties.We count to ten as I clip nails-then a treat.That would be 30 now!

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