‘Mary Dandruff’ glues parasite-like objects to cats claiming they are ticks

Mary Dandruff – clearly a made-up name – has a Facebook page full of videos of domestic cats covered in objects such as beans or other fruits perhaps (I don’t know what they are). She claims that these cats are covered in ticks (a nasty blood-sucking skin parasite) and that the ticks need to be removed and that she will remove them with tweezers as if she is removing parasites. She makes videos of the ‘giant ticks that need to be removed’ and it looks horrendous. It is clearly cat abuse. It is clearly an example of a breach of Facebook’s policies. She has been reported to Facebook by many people but nothing has happened. We don’t know her real identity but it looks like a woman judging by the arm, hands and wrist band but not the woman in the photo on Facebook.

However, it is feasible that there are two people behind this abomination and that the person in the video is one of them. The other could be a man.

Mary Dandruff
Mary Dandruff. Image: Facebook. The name must be fabricated to maintain the person’s anonymity.
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I can’t show ‘her’ videos on my website because I have advertisers and the adverts are published on my site through Google AdSense as an agency and they will criticise me if I publish the videos and reduce my earnings for a long time. So, I will have to point to a and an example of the videos through a link and a screenshot.

Click here to see a still image from one of her more successful videos and click here to see the video on Facebook. Please remember though that links to other websites can and often do eventually stop working.

In some of the videos, the ‘beans’ that she has stuck to these cats look very much like engorged ticks. They are very realistic. She realises this and there is no doubt in my mind that she wants to shock people and in doing that she hopes to attract a lot of viewers. She is completely unconcerned about the criticism that she receives in nearly all the comments on her Facebook videos.

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It appears to me that her sole purpose is to be notorious and through her notoriety attract attention. She has succeeded in attracting my attention but I’m publishing this page on ‘her’ (she might be male for all I know) to criticise her in order to spread the word that she is to be avoided.

I sincerely hope that people either avoid her and/or report her to Facebook to have her Facebook page deleted in its entirety. She has a complete disregard for animal welfare.

Her Facebook page carries a photograph of herself but the question is whether this is a genuine photograph. I would very much doubt that it is. She has made up her name and therefore I am convinced that she has stolen the photograph of somebody else and published it as a misrepresentation of herself. We don’t know whether the person depicted is alive and if so whether they know that their photograph has been stolen.

Of course, I can’t be certain that her photograph has been stolen but it is almost certainly the case.

Quite a long time ago I was fooled by this lady because the images of some of the fake ticks look very genuine but I have been educated about her in a comment. You can see the page that I wrote some time ago about a blanket of ticks covering the head in face and head of a young cat. I realise now that these were not ticks but beans. Although I am unsure to this day.

Mary dandruff claims to have 28,000 followers on her Facebook page. This too is almost certainly false. You can buy followers as there are many businesses providing the service. Another piece of fakery.

She reminds me of a pretty, narcissistic Asian woman who killed her cat in her washing machine. She filmed to cat’s death. Mad as a broomstick.

Below are some pages on cat abuse.

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