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Mass spaying and neutering might leave us with less nice cats — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting topic. When we were still optimistic about not being failed fosters to our two newest we pondered what a reasonable adoption fee for two well mannered sweet kits would be. Since we footed the bill for all this without asking for help , using a go fund me we came to the conclusion someone would have to be willing to pay about 1500 to adopt the pair.
    Many shelters now do their best to put mother cats and young kittens in foster care at an early age where they habituate to living with humans. That is the key to many domestic animals. BLM foals are 100X easier to handle and train into adult hood than grown horses. And easier to train if removed from their mothers who teach them fear. Our kits had a great mother who openly shared her babies with us. And now for a shameless plug for Tera. https://www.facebook.com/PetsenseAlbuquerque/videos/1782148425370805/ She’s still waiting for the person who’s going to love her like we do.

  2. I have often thought of this and have been surprised that it hadn’t been voiced. Since I dropped Facebook, I personally haven’t had much of a people connection, except for my neighbors who don’t like cats. Dr. Bradshaw does have his finger on the pulse. I have always thought that if the feral cats are doing all the street-level breeding, and they are the incorrigible ones, that’s the breeding pool right there. That’s what we’re going to get in the pounds and rescues, mostly. And I’ve had many cats who, through some fluke or whatever, turned out great and would have produced great offspring. So, how is this really working anyway? Like I said, Dr. Bradshaw nailed it. Wonderful cats do manage to get born, but I wonder how much more wonderful it could be if we got a better handle on it.

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