Massachusetts fire department called to Cape Cod home to rescue cat stuck in a wall

A Massachusetts fire department was called to a home on Thursday to perform what they described as a ‘technical rescue involving patience’ after a curious cat named Phoebe found herself stuck inside the void space of a wall at a Hyannis, Cape Cod home.

cat stuck in wall
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Phoebe rescued from inside wall (Facebook)

The owners had done their best to lure Phoebe out of the space but the cat became panicked and had started going deeper into the void. It only had approximately 5-6 inches to turn around but was unable to do so.

cat stuck in wall

Phoebe couldn’t turn herself around (Facebook)

The Hyannis Fire Department determined that due to the many larger dimensional lumber in the immediate area, it was possible to make an opening in the drywall through an adjacent apartment and they were able to do so without causing much damage to the wall.

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cat rescued

Quick thinking firefighters at work (Facebook)

I wanted to write on Phoebe because I believe this happens a lot more than we read about. People working on projects to improve their home (whether they themselves do the work or they hire a contractor) should examine any uncovered areas for ways a curious cat could get itself into a predicament and secure them.

Please feel free to go to the Hyannis Firefighters Facebook page and give them a huge thank you.


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