Massive blue British Shorthair made in Moldova

This is a massive blue British Shorthair bred in Moldova. The Eastern Europeans (and Russians) have a habit of creating extraordinary purebred cats through extreme selective breeding over many years. I have never seen a British Shorthair this size before. No where near as big as this. The lady holding the cat is struggling to manage. The cat looks nonplussed by the whole episode. Big and calm. The color “blue” is the favourite for the British SH. The Russians seem to be particularly fond of the colour. It is actually grey but never mind.

Enormous British Shorthair made in Russia
Enormous British Shorthair made in Russia. Picture: the cattery.
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This cat is as big as the biggest Russian Maine Coon (almost). Amazing. Weird and wonderful and no doubt she sells lots of them. I suspect that the cat we see is her main male breeding cat. She sells kittens for 250 euros according to the website (this link may well break over time and if it has I am sorry). This seems cheap. It may be out of date.

The British Shorthair is not normally a large purebred cat. It is mid-range in size. A standard sized cat which makes this photograph all the more extraordinary.

The cattery’s contact information, if you are interested, is: Moldova, Chișinău +373 79069854; +373 022 714080. Chișinău is the capital of Moldova. Note: these details may not work as catteries come and go as they are hobby breeders.


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