Massive lighting strike panics cat (video)

Lighting strike and cat runs
Lighting strike and cat runs. Screenshot.
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This is a very unusual video. It shows a massive lightning strike which shattered a tree causing very large wood splinters to blast across a car park over perhaps a hundred yards or more. We see a young women diving back into her room. We then see a domestic cat running towards the lightning strike to go under a car which is parked quite near to the shattered tree. It’s just interesting for the power of the strike and the way the cat is completely panicked by the noise. I feel sorry for the cat but I am sure that he was okay. I am not sure why he ran towards the strike. It may be due to panic and because he had a car to go under.

Please remember that sometimes videos disappear in time because administrators for one reason or another decide to delete it on the source site, in this instance Twitter. If that has happened I apologise.

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