Massive muzzle on Maine Coon (picture)

This is another extraordinary looking Maine Coon. I have described the cat’s muzzle as massive. It is very strong and lion-like. It would seem that the breeder is deliberately trying to create cats that look like lions. The Maine Coon’s face lends itself to this kind of breeding. Another ‘extreme’ Maine Coon breeder in Russia makes her cats look like humans. Breeders love to push the boundaries. Breeding to extreme is a temptation that breeders have difficulties resisting because they play god and want to create desirable, interesting products which bring them attention and which sell at the highest price.

Massive muzzle on Maine Coon
Massive muzzle on Maine Coon. Photo: Pinterest.
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On a practical note, the owner of this cat could not let him wander around the neighbourhood as a indoor/outdoor cat. Not that I am a great fan of letting domestic cats roam freely, I am not, but being a cat guardian of this sort of cat brings with it extra responsibilities.

Below is the face of a more natural Maine Coon:

Tuxedo cats: 10 facts
Maine Coon Cat MAGNACATS JACK BLACK. Photo copyright Helmi Flick. He is a great Maine Coon cat and a tuxedo.


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