Matata and his Russian Roulette Cat Walks Part 2

by Rudolph.A.Furtado

After months “Matata” again enacted his famous cat-walk on my kitchen window ledge. as usual I happened to be at the, “right place at the right time”.

This is a very candid video taken at the spur of the moment with my perennially loaded digital camera.

His dam “Matahari” was also in the kitchen admiring his antics. I had previously posted a video of “Matata’s” cat walk which happened at night hence the clarity of the video was effected.

This video was taken in the afternoon and hence gives a picture of the dangerous heights at which some cats find comfort and pleasure to the detrimental effect of their human owners.

Notice the commotion of the angry crows wondering about this strange animal as “Persian Cats” are never seen on the streets of Mumbai as “Feral Cats”.

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Matata and his Russian Roulette Cat Walks Part 2

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Aug 01, 2010 Matata
by: Ruth

Yes that was very scary to watch ! Cats are so clever the way they balance.Those crows seemed quite vicious, I was terrified Matata would launch after one but apparently he has more sense.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 31, 2010 Interesting and scary
by: Michael

Hi Rudolph. I find your videos scary but interesting. It is nice to see a bit of India on the site.

But Matata has no conception as to the danger. Perhaps this is cat confidence. They don’t fear heights that is for sure.

Unfortunately, they can slip and fall. Thanks for visiting and sharing again.

Michael Avatar

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