“Matata” the Fearless – Part 2

by Rudolph A. Furtado


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A photograph of my traditional persian cat matata leaping onto the kitchen table from the window ledge. On seeing me approach him with the camera he instantly jumped back to the kitchen, something he knows is wrong akin to a dog, hence afraid when he sees me.

Matata is now almost 22 months old and hasn't lost this dangerous habit of quietly climbing up to the kitchen window ledge if kept open and silently observing the world 5 floors below.

He developed this habit from his dam Matahari, who has now become too fat and has lost interest in climbing onto this ledge.

We normally keep the window closed after finishing the cooking/etc. Occasionally, like today (Friday 21-1-2011), when we accidentally forget to close the window, cat Matata reminds us of the same by his death defying cat walks.

Another strange behaviour trait of Matata is that he is more "dog" in behaviour, responding to his name instantly and greeting me on arrival at home, also loves being constantly petted and pampered.

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"Matata" the Fearless - Part 2

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Jan 23, 2011 wow
by: kathy w

Windows tend to scare me where my cats are concerned. Especially since mine are not outside cats. We have all our screens taped in because they very easily push out and u know our kitties love it when the windows are open. We run the air conditioner alot and try to only have the windows open when we are here to supervise them. Rory did fall out last summer and was so scared she came straight to the door. Thank god we were home.

Jan 23, 2011 Scary
by: Ruth

Phew it makes me dizzy just thinking of Matata up there, but what a clever cat !
Very scary to me seeing cats high up by open windows.
We have a two up two down house and one half of our bedroom windows open sideways like a door.
So what we have done is made light wooden frames with white mesh over and 2 sided sticky wundaweb round so we can stick the frame to the window frame around the glass.
Our cats can look out and we can enjoy fresh air coming in knowing they are safe.
Our only problem is it doesn't keep spiders out lol
Most cats are very sure footed but when our boyz start their fun and games chasing around the house our hearts couldn't stand the stress of open unprotected windows.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 22, 2011 Hope
by: Michael

Hi Rudolph, I hope that Matata survives all his little jaunts on the ledge! I think he will. He is very confident. But cats do fall sometimes.

Thanks for visiting again. I hop you are well.

Michael Avatar

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