Mating a Scottish Fold with a Himalayan – Advice Please

by Debbie

Dexter is a two year old Scottish Fold. He has not been neutered.

I am wanting to breed him with a Himalayan.

He has no interest in her.

This is his first time.

I brought her to my house to keep until they mate.

It has been two weeks now what?


Hi Debbie…. thanks for visiting and asking. I am not a breeder although I know breeders.

I hope someone can answer your question better than me.

But my immediate thought is that you have to accept what happens. I don’t think you can force cats to mate.

Secondly, I guess you know about the associated health problems with Scottish Fold cats.

Even when bred with cats of another breed the offspring may suffer from a progressive arthritic condition.

Have a look at this section of the Scottish Fold page on this site.

Also, the gene that affects the cartilage and makes the ears fold is dominant which means that half the litter will have folded ears if mated Fold to non-fold.

The big issue is health I feel but someone better than me may have better thoughts than me.



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Mating a Scottish Fold with a Himalayan – Advice Please

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Jan 16, 2012
My advice
by: Maggie

This is a quote that I now live buy.

“The top ten reasons to spay or neuter your cat were killed in a shelter this morning.”

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