Max the dog(cat)

Max the dog(cat)

by Larry Reichelt
(Gresham, Oregon)

Likes new home

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Likes new home

Likes new home Took over my bed. With friend on hot tub hanging out

Our black and white Old English Sheepdog died Oct 30,2011. The very next day this black and white cat showed up in our front yard.

He also had a stubby tail like the dog did. Found his breed on internet. Japanese Bobtail. It's like the dog died and cat appeared !!!!!!!!! He will go for a walk around block with me. (no strings attached).

So named him same as dog. Now when anyone comes to house,I tell them to watch out for the dog. Ha ha

He sure likes to play and jump on his toys. Great cat. See pictures. Some are with his new friend.


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Max the dog(cat)

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Apr 19, 2012 After life NEW
by: Michael

A lot of people who believe in the after life would believe that your dog had come back as a cat, as you say. Amazing story.

People who don't believe in the after life could start believing!

And he looks like a Japanese Bobtail. The fact that he goes for a walk is amusing and strange. Some cats do this, though.

Putting aside the after life theory, it may be that Max had wanted to join you for a while but couldn't because of your dog. When the chance came he jumped in.

Nice little story and good photos too. Thanks for telling us.

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