Maximus Maculosus Bengalensis

by Robert Hawkins
(Clearwater, Florida)

Max at 6 Months

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Max at 6 Months

Well, Max (for short) is a very big boy. He is the offspring of a retired show champion (father - a beautiful Marbled Bengal who tops the scale at around 19 pounds) and a Lynxpoint spotted Bengal (Mother - She is around 9 pounds). When we got Max, we also took his littermate sister.

They are almost identical in markings except that the female's markings are more condensed. Both are brown spotted Bengals. Hence Max's name - Maximus Maculosus Bengalensis that translates to Large Spotted Bengal. Max and Minnie are now 6 1/2 months old.

Minnie weighs in at 7 pounds and Max tops the scales at 13 pounds. The Vet estimated that he should grow to 20+ pounds based on the size of his paws which are still much too large for his body. I will try to keep you posted as Max "Grows Up". I am almost afraid to think of how large he may get. He has absolutely no fat on his body and is sculpted like a bodybuilder.

I am going to upload a picture of Max laying on the floor. He is laying on 18" tiles to give you some perspective.


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Maximus Maculosus Bengalensis

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Nov 23, 2009 Max!
by: Anonymous

What a gorgeous BIG boy you have there!

Nov 23, 2009 More photos
by: Michael

Hi Robert, If you would like to upload more photos you can send them to me at this email address and I'll do it for you:

mjbmeister [at]

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