Maximus Maine

Maximus Maine

by Allen Abbott
(Ashland, KY)

What is Maximus Maine?

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What is Maximus Maine?

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Max was found at the animal shelter as a kitten, 4 years ago. He is know 13.5 pounds of muscle and beautiful. The vet doesn't think he is full Maine Coon, but every picture I see of a Maine Coon looks just like him. If he isn't full, he's 95% at least.

Allen Abbott

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Maximus Maine

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Jul 14, 2009 max
by: kathy

i too agree max looks like a maine coon he is very beautiful and also looks like he has a great personality you have been blessed having him in your life

Jul 12, 2009 Maximus
by: Anonymous

He is beautiful! Looks like a very sweet cat too.
I also got my mainecoon at the Animal Shelter. Feels good to save a life. Unfortuantely she past away about two mo. ago. Tragically, she was only 6! I loved every minute with her! Enjoy every day with yours as if it were the last, cause you Never Know! : )

Jul 12, 2009 I think you are right
by: Anonymous

I agree. Maximus has Maine Coon in him. And the name is great by the way.

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