Maxwell Edison: My Tiffany Cat

by Petulant Patricia

Last summer my mother’s Maine Coon ran away for a month and a half. Convinced it wasn’t coming back I went online to find a new family cat to help comfort her. What I found was a 2 year old dark haired fluff ball on Craigslist whose family simply didn’t have time for it.

When we got to the home, my first time holding the new cat he kicked me in the face and ran upstairs. Apparently they do not like strangers!

He seemed sweet enough so we brought him home. He was horrified and confused and simply whined and hid a lot, that is until I held him in my arms and sang to him ‘Maxwell’s silver hammer’ by the Beatles. After that, he was no longer my mother’s cat….

Two days after we got him her Maine Coon was found in an alley, alive but barely. Maxwell has become ridiculously attached to me. He follows me everywhere and gets lonely easily. He hides behind me when strangers come, and unfortunately ‘marks his territory’ all over my stuff when he feels threatened by another person or pet.

He is such a skinny thing it concerns me, and he never eats enough. He will beg for food like he’s starving. I’ll feed him, he eats 2 bites and walks away.

Against all odds, I love the little brat. He’s absolutely precious. He fits every description given about the Chantilly cat, except he is slightly bigger boned and has black fur not chocolate. I’d upload a picture, but his fur is so dark its impossible to photograph him.

Pet Pat

Hi Pat.. If you would like to take a picture anyway, please do and I’ll make it look better and upload it. Just email me:

subsituting at for @

Note to visitors: Chantilly is another name for Tiffany – see the various confusing names

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

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is a song by The Beatles, from the Abbey Road album, with Paul McCartney singing lead. It was written by McCartney, though the songwriting credit is Lennon/McCartney (src: Wikipedia).

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Mar 27, 2010 Maxwell’s silver hammer
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Sarah. I really enjoyed reading how you won him over by singing ‘Maxwell’s silver hammer’. That’s great – wish our own cats would enjoy my singing as much as that. 🙂
I’d like to commend you for taking an adult cat in need of a new home – and sticking to that decision even though he fled at first. He probably sensed something was about to happen, good or bad. Cats have feelings too and of course for some time he must have missed his usual environment and routines.
Luckily Maxwell seems to have bonded very successfully with you, although his ‘marking’ your stuff can’t be acceptable in the long run. In case he hasn’t been neutered, that might solve the problem, but you’re probasbly right it has to do with feeling threatened. Hopefully that gets better over time.

Finn Frode avatar

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