Medical 911: Monroe cat running out of time after being abandoned for urinating on the floor

A search is being conducted in the Monroe, North Carolina area for a cat named Samson. This ginger beauty, who is eleven years old and suffers from life-threatening kidney issues, was dumped by his owner for urinating on the floor at his home. His former owner is blaming a rescue for not answering the phone in time, causing her to abandon Samson with 20 pieces of kibble and no water.


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Animal advocate Laura Morrison posted the following June 22:

“Tonite a woman called to say that she had thrown her cat out of her vehicle, Actually, she forced the cat out because he had kidney disease and left him with no water and 20 pieces of kibble.

She said that because we did not answer her phone quick enough, that was the actions she decided to take, and that no one wanted to help her so she drove this cat way into the middle of road construction and remote housing and forced her 11-year-old sick cat to hit the street. She said the cat had several years left to live but he urinated on her floor and sons bedroom and she had had enough.

We asked her why would she do something so cruel and she said she was stressed.

We looked for the cat after getting instructions and had no luck. I immediately called law-enforcement and Union County and they proceeded to tell me that they did not know of any crime on the books that would penalize this woman. The officer told me he would not arrest anyone with this kind of info. So, she gets off Scott free and another animal dies soon on the street.

I won’t stop until we find the cat and I won’t stop until we find a way to have her legally be held responsible. So, a crime is committed but the person gets to walk.

I’m shocked and disgusted.

We’ve got pics and phone conversations and an independent witness who heard her describe what she did and still it isn’t enough.

Tonite Samson is alone in some remote area teeming with wildlife and no resources to survive. He’s without a home and his family threw him out tonite to die.

That sounds criminal to me!!!

I was told that AC will unlikely do anything.

Just wondering tonite how long Samson can make it.”

Samson was dumped in the middle of the street near Forest Hills Baptist Church in Monroe North Carolina. He may also be injured. The cat tried to get back into the vehicle as she drove away!

map of Monroe

From what his former owner told Laura, Samson was dumped on Willis Long Road. He was reportedly dumped near a chicken farm but could be at any of the abandoned farms or houses in this rural community. The public needs to know that Samson needs to go to a hospital and to please not take him in as an adopted stray. Although his current medical history isn’t being disclosed as of yet, he has an acute need for treatment and is going to die without it.

The police have told Laura on several occasions that with no woman, no cat, and no witnesses there is no crime they can arrest her for. Animal abandonment falls under NC Cruelty Article 47. Laura and some friends plan to pay the mayor a little visit on Monday.

Take a look at part of the conversation between Laura and this monster.

abandoned cats

Give him a chance? A chance for WHAT? To be hit by a car. To die slowly from starvation or from his kidney issues since he’s without his medication? The woman had no excuse to do what she did. With social media being what it is, all she had to do was post her problem on Facebook and asked for help. Cat advocates monitor Facebook for this type of situation. She also needs an education on the difference between stray cats and those who are used to a comfortable indoor home.

Anyone in the Monroe area who is able to search for Samson may also contact Laura. Her Facebook page is here. Samson may be trying to get back home and already left the Willis Road area. ALL Monroe residents are being asked to keep an eye out for him.

Those following Samson’s story on Facebook know the name of the woman who abandoned him to die. I won’t announce it here, as I only post names once a warrant has been issued. This isn’t likely to be the case here. The woman even bragged nothing would be done to her for throwing away her sick cat. It would appear she’s familiar with how little is done in North Carolina to bring animal abusers to justice.

A team is waiting to take Samson for treatment once found. If anyone has seen or has possession of Samson contact Laura immediately via Facebook. Please share this article with friends on social media and also by email (not everyone does Facebook or Twitter). Time is running out for Samson being found alive.


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11 thoughts on “Medical 911: Monroe cat running out of time after being abandoned for urinating on the floor”

  1. I’m sorry but this woman absolutely committed Animal Cruelty at it’s finest!! She KNEW her kitty was sick and she knew that medication was needed in order for Samson to have a chance at life. Samson is a special needs kitty who has no chance at life being dumped like this woman did!! Fed up?? Stressed?? I wonder if she gave thought to how Samson was feeling…once having a home with people he thought loved him who now cruelly threw him out of the car in the middle of nowhere!?!? I don’t know what else to call that but abuse and cruelty!!

  2. OMG, I pray Samson will be found, alive. So truly heinous of his owner to do something like that! Thank you, Captain Beth Greene, for trying to help see justice be done, and thank you to all the helpers and searchers who are desperately trying to save Samson!

  3. Samson was a loved resue cat who always would dart outside at every chance. He was not thrown from a car some want to hear. He darted out while giving water. If this lady is so hateful why did it take 11 years of love to not care. Most true animal haters only need a few months to abuse an animal. Get thw real story not hater remarks and lies, fake news


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