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Medical doctor in Ghana prescribes cat meat to boost immune system — 3 Comments

  1. People in India are similarly upset with your franchises of McBurger joints and every last store shelf where you live. Especially repulsed by those that buy cat-food made with beef.

  2. At some point there won’t be any animals left, only people, and of course they will become food. I say why wait and just go there now… save the animals and cut down on people over-population. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em” (pertaining to the faction of people here who have large families they can’t afford).

    • The saying Don’t breed’em if you can’t feed’em has been used with horse breeders for a long time. On one hand you have the big breeders making huge foal crops looking for the few good ones and flooding the market with substandard animals that end up being sold for meat.
      Right on the other side of the fence are the people who demand no horse be sold for meat. They have no answer to the problem but demand no horse or any animal be sold for meat or be euthanized in shelters.
      I have always said you can’t plug the sink and leave the faucet running. I see this with the number of dogs/cats/horses and all non factory produced meat animals ( which is a whole other ball of wax )
      Again it’s not the small number of breeders preserving a breed their animals are out of reach for most median incomes. It’s the numerous fools who play breeder and the lax laws that let anyone breed their pets with very little financial deterrent. The mere fact that puppy mills and kitten farms exist flies in the face of any animal cruelty laws.
      Cats in many parts of the world are seen as one step above vermin.
      In many countries dogs and cats are a regular item on the menu. While I find it repulsive I see that most of the nations pointing the finger have far to go in making animal abuse a real crime that carries a real penalty. Countries around the world are miles apart in how they view what we consider pet only animals.

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