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Medical notes of injured rescued calico cat tell us a lot — 4 Comments

  1. After reading this story, I’m truly impressed with Snow’s behavior. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that her reticence at touch is probably due to her being in pain and immobilized. I do agree with the assessment that she deserves an experienced adopter; someone who will look after her and get whatever vet care and rehab is needed. IMHO, I don’t think she’d do well in a home with young children or a chaotic home, like one with an active family. She seems to want to be stroked, so I’d bet she’d do really well with perhaps a retiree looking for a lap cat – one who’d cater to her every need. Thoughts?

    • Yes, well said. I am sure the best home for her – and she seems quite shook up and/or slightly timid – is a quiet home with an experienced cat guardian.

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