Medical treatement was necessary after an Indianapolis house cat repeatedly bit a would-be burglar

This is the story of a house cat named Binky, his owner and her boyfriend and a would-be criminal who needed medical treatment from paramedics after Binky saved the day earlier this month.

Anti-burglary system “Binky” (screenshot NBC News)
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Cynthia Kootz, Binky’s owner, was with her boyfriend in her Indianapolis, Indiana home this past week when a burglar showed up around midnight trying to get in. Cynthia was alerted to a noise in the backyard near her garage. She checked out the area but didn’t find anything. Cynthia locked the garage and returned to the house.

Minutes later, a man starting banging on the front patio window begging Cynthia to let him inside, saying he had men out to kill him. After beating and kicking with no success the man decided to try to enter through the window.

When his hand went through the window, Binky attacked. The man tried a second time to come through the window and was attacked again.

According to court records, a 42-year-old man fled the scene but was later captured and charged with residential entry and criminal mischief and taken to Marion County jail after being treated by paramedics for his injuries. It’s reported the injured criminal had a difficult time convincing the police his injuries were indeed caused by a cat.

This would-be burglar was bitten repeatedly by a house cat

“I was shocked the first time he started growling,” Cynthia told KOAA News. Cynthia went on to add Binky is a friendly cat who loves visitors to the home. Visitors who are welcome, that is.

Cynthia says Binky is her hero and she’ll give him any treat he wants.

By the way, Binky is declawed (the references don’t mention who was responsible for that tragedy) so all he knew was to bite. Just as I’ve said before in previous articles, declawed cats are known for biting because it’s the only defense left to them.



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3 thoughts on “Medical treatement was necessary after an Indianapolis house cat repeatedly bit a would-be burglar”

  1. Frances A Danna

    Fantastic story. Binky is a hero. The burglar got what he deserved. I am in awe at the amazing capacity of domestic cats to protect their home turf.

    1. Elisa Black-Taylor

      Do you remember Homer the blind kitty did the same thing when someone broke in on Gwen. He attacked the burglar.

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