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Medicated Dry Cat Food — 2 Comments

  1. There are some excellent compounding pharmacies that do a great job to “mask” the taste of some meds.

    I always start kittens very early on to be ok with giving them pills. I use small pieces of yeast tablets (which they love) to begin the process.

    I can now “pill” my cats in an eye-blink- and of course follow it immediately with a water -chaser (syringe) or food to make sure the pill doesn’t get stuck in their throat.

    I think the whole trick is starting them as young as possible- in the same way (when possible) to trim their gorgeous nails.

  2. Don’t forget about what an empty bowl of cat food looks like to the cat Michael. Half full! How would you know how much she got? I’d like to see for instance, hairball goo that came in a capsule. Then I’d be sure it goes down. Yes, a fight, but one becomes expert in pilling when the need arises.

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