Meet Genie: the cancer-nursing cat who inspired a Christmas video

The Cats Protection’s Christmas promotion of 2018 in the form of an animated video was inspired by Evie and Genie.

Evie and Genie
Evie and Genie
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Genie, a cancer-nursing cat was named Cat of the Year 2017 by Cats Protection. Genie is a tuxedo, rescue cat. She helped her owner, Evie, through bone cancer treatment. Evie was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2016 and she spent long periods in hospital and underwent several painful operations.

Evie. Photo in public domain.

When she was at home her leg was in plaster and Genie would sit at her feet. After Evie had lost all her hair (I presume because of chemotherapy) she was comforted by Genie’s moulting because it felt to her that they were both losing their hair at the same time. Losing your hair is upsetting at the best of times and Evie said she was particularly upset because she had long brown hair.

Evie was unable to go outside and have friends during her illness. She was stuck in the house. Genie would come around to comfort her and make her feel happier.

The video below tells us her story in Cats Protection’s animated video.

On the Cats Protection’s Facebook page they have their Christmas ad for 2018, which was inspired by the story of Evie and Genie.

I’m sure that it moved a lot of people one of whom is Chanel White who wrote in a comment:

“Wow. This moved me in ways I cannot describe. I went through this same situation two years ago. Coming home to my kitty was one of the happiest days of my life.”

Nicki wrote in a comment:

“This is so beautiful. Reduced me to tears. Particularly poignant for me, as two years ago I spent five days in hospital with sepsis, whilst having chemotherapy. It was just before Christmas, too. I missed my cats terribly and apparently they kept waiting outside my bedroom door for me to reappear. Still here to tell the tale, though!”

Below is a video telling the story of Evie and Genie in real life.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Genie: the cancer-nursing cat who inspired a Christmas video”

  1. Great to see just how important the love of a cat can be, when their person is so unwell.

    …er, must be raining indoors today, a big case of wet face here.

    Long may Evie and Genie thrive.

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